The hair transplant business is a major money spinner in Turkey, bringing in more than USD 1 billion annually, most of it in foreign currency. The capital city of Istanbul itself has more than 300 hair transplant clinics to cater to this huge demand; more than 60 thousand people visit each year for the explicit purpose of getting hair transplants. However, India is also one of the leading providers of hair transplant services and offers major competition to Turkey in this regard.

hair transplant cost in India

Compared to Turkey, India boasts of a greater number of qualified medical professionals and in some cases, also reduced costs of hair transplant.

The domestic hair transplant market has seen exponential growth in recent years and industry analysts predict that the market will increase by more than 25% in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. As both men and women are increasingly turning to transplant procedures like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the market has seen rapid increases in profitability as well as the number of cases every year, making India an attractive investment opportunity for foreign firms as well who seek to capitalize on this phenomenon. However, domestic care providers have the market in their grasp; hair transplant services in India cost about 80% lesser than services of equivalent quality in the United States or Europe.

Reasons to choose India over Turkey for hair transplant

While the costs for identical procedures do not vary much between the two countries, there are several reasons why you should prefer to go to India rather than Turkey for hair transplant services.
Thanks to local laws and regulations, costs for many medical procedures as well as medicines and pharmaceuticals are quite low in India. This has led to significant medical tourism in India, with people from the United States as well as Europe choosing to travel to the country to get procedures like knee replacements or hip replacements done at a fraction of the cost of getting a similar procedure done in their respective countries of origin.
However, the quality of healthcare as well as the components used in the surgery is functionally identical to that in any first world country, making such the decision a no brainer. This has resulted in many ancillary industries specifically designed to cater to the needs of people who arrive in India to get medical procedures done.  Therefore, even if you arrive in India with the express purpose of getting hair transplants and not any other complicated procedure, you can rest assured that your stay in the country will be trouble free and comfortable.
India is also home to some of the world’s most stellar medical colleges and institutions and the laws of the country allow medical students to train on patients. This effectively means that you can get services done to you by the graduates of the best medical schools in the country without paying any additional costs or signing any liability waivers or like.
These services and facilities, combined with the low costs of food, lodging and transport make India a better choice for getting hair transplants than Turkey.

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