When can one expect hair growth after FUE Hair Transplant?

When can one expect hair growth after FUE Hair Transplant?

Have you recently undergone FUE hair transplantation? Or are you planning to get treated? Whatever the situation be in your case, modern techniques of treating hair loss takes only a few days or so. But what bothers us most is the wait for result afterwards, isn’t that?

Well, FUE hair transplant doesn’t test your patience for too long. Your new hair line will be visible quite soon after getting this hair transplant treatment. But, yes! To get the final results, you have to wait.

FUE Hair Transplant

Usually after FUE hair transplantation, hair grows through these following post-surgery stages.

  • Just after surgery – First 24 hours can be a bit painful but tolerable. Doctors often prescribe medicine to control pain. Patients may often have swelling (mild to moderate) on their forehead and upper part of eyelid area.
  • 48 hours post operation – During this phase, your swelling may take a peak, including scabs around those transplanted grafts. You can also experience some redness in the worked on area.

FUE hair transplantation

  • 8 to 14 days Scabs start going off and it’s all gone by second week’s end. Now instead of those scabs, you can see stubbles of hair visible. My husband could also experience the change of reddish colour to slightly pinkish.
  • For 3 weeks – Moving to this stage, you can see the transplanted hair shedding off; that’s a temporary dormant phase of the grafts. And by the end of three weeks, all your transplanted hair will have gone.
  • During 1 to 3 months Now is the time to start experiencing hair growth of various degrees. Your new hair will be thin initially but will thicken as time passes. However, while some people notice new growth at the 2nd month, others might notice in the 3rd month.
  • Between 4 to 6 months Growth of new hair would be full-fledged in this phase of 4 to 6 months. The length would be from 1 to 2 inches initially but would be thicker. Good part is that, you can do some styling now.
  • Next 7 to 10 months Here your hair has grown thicker and longer with more density. This is the time when you would take on a new hairstyle.
  • 1 year – So, you have finally entered the last phase to experience the maximum of your new hair, final result of FUE transplantation. Well, I have seen Jordan, my husband, to style with his newly grown mane. Now onwards, your hair will grow as the natural way.

Hair Transplant

Note –

The quality and condition of everyone’s hair are different. Hence, the process of treatment and its results also vary with individuals. Like multiple surgeries or your health complications might delay this process. But, to a great extent, hair comes out as per normal growth rate – ¼ inch per month.

FUE hair transplantation results are permanent:

Most people hover around their confusion whether to get FUE hair transplantation or not. But let me tell you from my experience, it is a very effective method with the results being permanent. After a year or so, your hair will behave the way nature has decided on. Moreover, availing this method would prove to be a cost-effective choice in the long run, provided your surgeon does a great work.

FUE Hair Transplant Result

One additional yet important information I want to give you:

If you think you need FUE hair transplantation, you can get the top-notch, internationally acclaimed doctors overseas. No matter how cost-effective choice it may be, the treatment procedure is quite expensive in Australia.

But in abroad, you can avail the finest treatment from highly skilled surgeons, at surprisingly affordable rate. All would add up to giving you the best hair transplant results making you happy and confident as before.

When can one expect hair growth after FUE Hair Transplant?
Know when you can get hair transplant results after FUE Hair Transplant.
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