Partial hair transplant involves undergoing the process of hair transplant only for a select area instead of the entire scalp. While most people stand to benefit from a complete hair transplant procedure as it gives a more uniform and complete look, there can be benefits of undergoing partial hair transplant.

Partial Hair Transplant
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Since complete hair transplant by the method of Follicular Unit Extraction , or FUE hair transplant, is slow, tedious and expensive, people with relative abundance of hair might choose to go for partial hair transplant. This involves hair transplant in select areas as opposed to the entire area concerned. For an example, consider a typical male patient with pattern baldness. Hair loss usually sets in at the back centre of the head in a circular pattern. The hairline also starts receding upwards from the forehead in these cases. Under a partial hair transplant, new hair is transplanted only in these affected areas.

Partial Hair method is cheap and quite effective.

Since hair transplant is not being done all over the surface of the head, the procedure takes far less time and is far less expensive.
Also, the patient himself has to undergo less pain since less number of hairs has to be removed from elsewhere on his body to be transplanted on his head.
Additionally, partial hair transplant works by substituting the hair already lost by the body but keeps what hair is naturally left on the scalp intact. This means that hair that is not naturally lost remains on the scalp and is totally unaffected by the procedure.
The end result is that after the procedure is over, the appearance is far more natural as most of the hair that is visible is the original hair and not the transplanted hair.

However, partial hair transplant also has its disadvantages.

The hair that is to be transplanted is usually removed from elsewhere on the body of the person undergoing the transplant procedure. Typically, skin from the thighs is used for this procedure. What this means is that the hair is of a fundamentally different type, nature and texture as compared to hair that grows naturally on the head.
Undergoing partial transplant means allowing two different types of hair to grow in close proximity to each other and consume resources from the same pool. This can lead to complications later on after the procedure has been successful.
Also, transplanted hair can grow at a different pace than the natural head hair, which can look unsightly and unnatural. This will require constant upkeep and maintenance, including frequent visits to the barber as well as conditioning the hair with products.
In addition to this, transplanted hair can often look different and have a different texture than the hair that already exists on the patient’s head. This can cause the transplanted hair to stand out and attract attention to itself.
Under these scenarios, going for a complete Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant seems to be the better deal.

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