What is Bio FUE Hair Transplant? Is it equally effective?

What is Bio FUE Hair Transplant? Is it equally effective?

For those who go through the agony of hair loss has got a much effective solution long before with FUE hair transplantation. Now, the good news is that, this process has got an upgradation with Bio FUE hair transplant. Believe me, this new approach is an equally effective hair loss solution for both men and women.

“Being bald is no fun.”

In FUE transplantation technique, you know individual follicles from the donor area are taken out and then planted on the recipient site very carefully. Bio FUE hair transplantation is almost similar to this technique, just that, here blood taken from donor area is injected into the site of transplantation to enhance its effectiveness. This biotechnology procedure has been introduced as an improvement of the traditional FUE process.

Bio Fue Hair Transplant

It was only when my husband was upset that I decided to do research on hair loss solutions. On contacting, my surgeon informed me about this new approach that is indeed a boon to the patients. Here’s how.

Bio FUE hair transplant: Advantages!

Bio FUE hair transplantation has got some advantages making the technique so acceptable:

  • Increases growth of hair
  • Ensures healthy growing
  • Especially for women, you can get your long mane back
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Gives extremely positive results
  • Strengthens your existing hair follicular units

Other than these, the process also enhances all benefits of FUE hair transplantation in the areas like –

  • You can easily sport short hair as no scars will be visible.
  • No stitches required as no strip will be cut (like in FUT)
  • Returning to normal life is convenient and smooth

The theory of this biotechnology procedure is based on the idea of human germinative cells. These cells are known to help in the reconstruction of body structures. Hence, the cells when injected into the bald area activate your dead cells.

Medicine for hair growth

However, truth be said, there are some disadvantages of this procedure too but that can be ignored, I guess. Check out if you have a different say!

  • Grafts are extracted individually
  • Grafts need to be handled with care, or else they may die
  • The process is a bit time consuming
  • This biotechnology process would only be effective when performed by experienced surgeons
  • Unskilled team might end up giving you side effects including over-harvesting

I think, if you get this treatment done by a renowned and expert surgeon, you can surely avail top quality service. And coming to time consuming factor, note that the procedure anyway ends up in one single session. So, that’s a hassle-free choice, of course.

“Wake up with a new hairstyle every morn.”

Hair Growth

Best treatment solution is available abroad:

For the finest FUE hair transplant results, it is better to avail transplantation solutions overseas. Yes! Australia also has such units, but here you would have to pay an excessive amount. Moreover, quality and results can be questioned.

However, countries like India are most preferred as they offer top quality hair transplantation solutions to patients. They have internationally acclaimed surgeons and extremely qualified teams who are known to provide personalized treatment. Not only that, but also FUE Hair Transplant cost is surprisingly less than what you will get in Australia, US or UK. For instance, while in Australia, cost per graft is around $6 to $30, that in India is $2 to $10. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Fixing an appointment with these doctors is no big hassle if you can get in touch with a reliable medical tourism company. As I have already availed such service, they will provide you with all the assistance required. So, what’s your plan? Don’t you think it’s time to pamper your curls again?

What is Bio FUE Hair Transplant? Is it equally effective?
The process of FUE hair transplant has got an upgradation with Bio FUE hair transplant. Know about Bio FUE hair transplant and it's process.
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