Trichotillomania causes permanent hair loss! Best treatment for trichotillomania!

Trichotillomania causes permanent hair loss! Best treatment for trichotillomania!

“Trichotillomania? What’s that?” Well, the term might sound too complex for you but its meaning will certainly not. Trichotillomania means compulsive hair pulling disorder. I’ll make it easy. Most people have the habit and obsession of constantly pulling out their hair; rather they feel compelled to do so. When this continues, they gradually notice bald patches resulting from serious hair loss. Availing the best treatment for trichotillomania remains to be the only option then.

Many articles have discussed various causes of hair loss in men and women including stress, genes, hormones, alopecia areata, etc. However, apart from those, Trichotillomania can also be a major reason that results in permanent hair loss.

hair pulling disorder

What causes trichotillomania?

While the exact cause remains a mystery, this is a neurological disorder that creates a strong urge in an individual to pull his/ her own hair. Stress and tension only subside when that urge is satisfied, and he or she feels a sensation of calmness. Experts term this as a mental health issue.

[Rare case: People also eat the hair after pulling out]

Other reasons what causes trichotillomania are –

a. OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
b. Genetic
c. Hormonal changes
d. Emotional distress leading to such self-harm
e. Brain abnormalities
f. Reduced level of serotonin

How does this obsessive behavior lead to hair fall?

Constant hair pulling damages the follicles that largely affects the growth of hair, slowing the process. Not only that, but it also changes the original quality of natural hair, you might notice your new grown hair is of weaker quality,grey or white in colour.

Worse, this disorder cycle continues. The coarse regrown hair brings stronger desire of pulling those out.

How do you know you are a sufferer?

There are certain signs and symptoms through which you can identify the issue and address it at the earliest. Keep reading!

a. Feel intense tension while resisting to pull or before pulling
b. Pulling out hair repeatedly from areas like eyelashes, scalp and eyebrows
c. Noticeable areas of hair loss
d. Problem and distress while at work due to hair pulling


What is the best treatment for trichotillomania?

A friend’s father suffered from this same issue and that’s when we came to know about the treatments. No, not just personal notes but there are procedures of hair growth after trichotillomania.

Before everything else, you need to see a proficient doctor who will diagnose your condition accurately and then recommend you the most appropriate treatment.

“Only when you address the problem will you get the solution.”

Hair transplant for a lustrous mane!

To fill up those bald patches, hair transplantation is one of the most effective procedures today. In this technique, the surgeon extracts healthy follicles from your scalp and harvests them at the bald areas. A very invasive method with minimal pain, it will bring back your natural hair within a year.

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Information I would add here – if you avail this surgery in Australia, which is going to cost huge in your pocket. Be prepared with the hefty amount. However, the best alternative would be to fly overseas in association with a medical tourism company. You would be surprised to save a big from your entire trip.

In overseas countries, there are highly acclaimed surgeons, trained medical team to offer personalized treatment, advanced infrastructure for Australians and more. So, avail the best treatment for hair growth after trichotillomania.