Top 10 never-known reasons for hair loss in women

Top 10 never-known reasons for hair loss in women

Sharing a story of last year with you. Every time my sister had to comb her hair, she felt like running away. In fact, combing the hair or keeping it loose became a nightmare for her. She ended up leaving her tangled hair as it was. Result? Last year only she had to undergo women hair transplant procedure for bringing back her lustrous mane.

Hair loss is a common problem in women but something indeed serious. If you too are experiencing hair fall, you must immediately take natural remedies to prevent further loss. However, before that, I would say, understand the causes of this major issue. Only then can you prevent or go for right treatment.

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Listing top 10 causes of hair loss in women:

Here are some of the major reasons that might be responsible for your hair loss. Check out!

Reason 1: Torture on hair

Nowadays, women are more into experimenting with hair styling. Use of excessive chemicals or styling tools can result in hair loss. And prolonged use of these colours, sprays, gels, etc. can both damage your hair and disrupt its growth. Again, tight hairstyles like ponytails and hair parting can also be the causes of hair loss in women.

Reason 2: Stress: both physical and mental

Women go through a lot of physical as well as mental stress. This might also be the reason of your hair fall. Any stressful event can give a shock to the hair cycle, affecting more on the shedding phase. Similarly, anxiety can also give the same results.

Reason 3: Post pregnancy

Although pregnancy comes under physical stress, there is another reason why would-be-mothers tend to lose their hair. Due to the hormonal changes happening in your body, you might experience hair fall, especially after giving birth. Even though it is one of the major causes of hair loss in women, this is quite normal and temporary. But if the issue continues for more than weeks, you must see the doctor immediately.

Reason 4: Menopause

If you are about to hit your menopause or are already into this phase, chances of hair fall increases. The reason being fall of estrogen hormone level in your body. It makes the hair dry causing it to shed off. Seek medical assistance or avail women hair transplant if the issue continues.

Reason 5: Weight loss at its extreme

Agree or not – we women are weight loss freaks. And some of us go an extra mile through crash dieting or losing weight so quickly. Guess what, dieting is actually putting a ban on certain protein-based food items. And that is one of the main causes of hair loss.

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Reason 6: Certain medicines

You never know, some of your medicines might be the culprits. Yes! There are certain drugs that adversely affect the shiny locks, weakening the follicles. Such as hormonal pills, birth control medication, chemotherapy sessions, etc.

Reason 7: Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a common issue for most women. And thyroid hormones are largely responsible for skin, nail, and hair growth. Hence, too little production of this hormone in the body affects your follicles. For extreme condition, however, women hair transplant is the solution.

Reason 8: Skin conditions

If you have an unhealthy skin, you are likely to lose hair. Some of such conditions are fungal infections (ringworms), seborrheic dermatitis, etc.

Reason 9: Anaemia

Deficiency of iron in the body or having anaemia is another important cause of hair loss in women. Add iron-rich food items in your diet.

Reason 10: Heredity

And the last is to blame your genes. Women can also experience female pattern hair loss for hereditary reasons. Are there women in your family who faces hair loss after a certain age? You are likely to lose hair in similar fashion then.

What would you do if you have extreme hair fall?

If you are in the extreme stage of hair loss, women hair transplant would be the most efficient techniques for cure. You can fly overseas with medical tourism company to avail the best treatment. Countries like India are known to provide excellent service at extremely cheap rates.

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It’s much convenient now, what say? Go ahead for women hair transplant confidently with a medical tourism company.