Top 10 celebrities who have undergone hair transplant

Top 10 celebrities who have undergone hair transplant

Celebs and their stories have always been a craze to us, isn’t it? Among the various gossips of their lives we are so much interested in, do you know, there are celebrity hair transplant stories as well? And why not? After all, advanced hair transplantation procedure has proved to give natural results so effectively.

Since hair fall targets anyone regardless of their age, gender or status, many top celebrities that we know have also fallen prey to this common yet major problem – hair loss. Excited to learn who they are?
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Top 10 celebrity hair transplant stories:

These are the big names in Hollywood who have recovered from disappearing hairline through transplantation:

1. Elton John

This celebrity experienced thinning of his hair in the early 70s. Later, as the best effective solution, he underwent hair transplant surgery. Considering his super-star status, Elton could not deny the obvious change noticed in his volume of hair.
While this procedure has come a long way with much upgradations and efficiency included, Elton John was the pioneer celeb availing hair transplantation.

hair transplant celebrity

2. Jason Donovan

This famous singer and actor from Australia is another celeb to talk openly about his hair restoration. Now, after successful results, he is more than happy and comfortable to flaunt his lustrous hair.

3. Mel Gibson

Next is this man with piercing blue eyes and strong acting style – Mel Gibson. While he did not accept publicly about his surgery, but his hairline creeping forward raised brows amongst his fans. Later, sources from the industry confirmed – yes, he has undergone a successful hair transplant procedure.
Well, his new look is gorgeous, certainly!

4. Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller declared very proudly about hair transplant surgery. As he said, “I cannot afford to wait till my hair gets too thin. So, it’s better to go ahead for the right solution in time.” And the results? Having a shining natural hair, we never saw Miller going bald, did we?

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5. Jeremy Piven

Have you ever heard celebrity hair transplant has boosted up someone’s career? Jeremy Piven, the widely known American producer-actor is the one I am talking about. This celeb’s career literally skyrocketed after he underwent this restoration procedure. The results are so natural that people often think, that’s a hair piece he wears.

6. Matthew McConaughey

Remember Matthew McConaughey – the actor from Interstellar? This handsome hunk recently experienced hair thinning and availed transplantation to restore. While he already has a strong personality, his new shimmering mane has just added on to it. Anyway, his look is to die for, isn’t it?

7. David Beckham

Let me ask you, weren’t you shocked by the golden brown hair that David was seen sporting after going bald? That’s power of technology of hair transplantation. The talented star of soccer, David in his busy schedule forgot to focus on his receding hairline. However, as he noticed, he immediately opted for transplantation surgery. The outcome we can see – wavy golden mane.

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8. Wayne Rooney

If somebody as Wayne Rooney starts going bald at the age of 25, why wouldn’t he opt for a solution like hair transplantation? Yes! That’s what he did and his tweet confirmed the news. We hope, you are enjoying the shine of your crowning glory!

9. Jason Gardiner

You must know this Australian personality – a theatre producer, singer and choreographer, best known for being a judge on TV shows. Jason had also opted for hair transplantation surgery and very enthusiastically declared that. As he said, “The outcome is fantastic.” Well, we can see that.

10. Calum Best

It’s sort of pathetic when fashion models experience a receding hairline. Calum Best went through such phase when he was only 22 but recovered soon with hair transplantation. He was so pleased with the results that he underwent the surgical process second time. Today, he is having a fuller hairline and increased volume of lustrous mane. Love his spikes!

Like those I have mentioned, there are female celebrity hair transplant cases as well. The stories further prove how effective this hair restoration procedure is. In case you are willing to opt for the same, contact a medical tourism company and fly abroad. You can avail the top quality treatment at affordable cost conveniently.
Let your crowning beauty shine gloriously!