Revision of Bad FUT Hair Transplant in India

Revision of hair transplant especially revision of a bad hair transplant has become commonplace for the past 2 years due to numerous technician owned hair transplant clinics cropping up around the world producing consistently bad results of hair transplant using the popular FUE technique. View the entire video of Revision of Bad FUT Hair Transplant…

Hair Transplant Repair

Side effects of a bad hair transplant is the poor growth and lesser than optimal density. Hair transplant repair has been shown in this hair transplant video.

Hair Transplant in India

With various hair loss treatments existing in the market, it can be confusing in understanding what might work for you. At Hair Transplant Abroad we only recommend tried and tested products.

FUE hair transplant

Eyebrow and facial hair transplantation is a similar process used for hair transplantation to the scalp, and can stipulate successful outcomes to restore eyebrows, camouflage scars or fill out patchy eyebrows or beards.

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