Receding hairlines in women – various causes and solutions!

Receding hairlines in women – various causes and solutions!

Sometimes, we don’t even realize that something is gone until it’s actually gone. A year back, my hairstylist pointed me out that my lustrous locks were gradually shedding off. I was scared! There was fine line of small hair that seem not to grow anymore. Female receding hairlines are common problems that most women across the world suffer from; I was one of them.

In case you are going through the same trauma, you should first understand the causes and find solutions accordingly to deal with hair loss.

Sneak peak to female receding hairlines:

Medically termed as frontal fibrosing alopecia, this is the condition of hairline receding in females that extends to 5 inches in extreme cases. You will experience hair loss in a band like pattern around your scalp.

Again, receding of female hairline is a progressive condition and hence should be treated immediately when noticed. While earlier it was a somewhat unusual condition but today, receding hairlines in women have become a regular case. That’s what my surgeon shared with me.

Receding Hairline

Do you know the female receding hairline causes?

Since this stigmatizing issue has become an increasing one, naturally, the medical world has come up with various factors responsible. Are you aware of the reasons causing your hairline to recede? If not, read on!

Immune system and hair follicles:

Often your hair follicles are attacked by your immune system resulting in inflammation. It damages the stem cells present in your follicles, hindering hair growth procedure completely. In that case, the affected area remains pale and scarred mildly.

What’s your age?

Age is another major factor because hairline receding is mostly suffered by people from the age of 30. Women are usually affected in their post-menopausal stage. Related to this are the genetic factors as well.

No! That’s not all, sadly. Some of the other female receding hairline causes are –

a. Pulling and processing of hair excessively
b. During pregnancy, imbalances in hormone
c. Alopecia Areata
d. Acne, Eczema and Fungal infections
e. Tumors in ovary and adrenal gland
f. Pills for birth control
g. Low estrogen level
h. High testosterone level
i. Burns on hairline
j. Trauma

However, one suggestion I would give you, never confuse receding hairline in women with traction alopecia or female pattern hair loss. They are different. A professional surgeon can better diagnose your condition and go ahead with the appropriate treatment procedure.

female receding hairline causes

“These are the causes but what are the solutions?”

If that’s what you are thinking right now, then let me share with you some remedies as well. There are different approaches applied as per the causes to successfully regrow your hair.

1. Propecia or Minoxidil:

While doing my research, I can’t mention how many times I saw suggestions of these two medicines. Propecia and Minoxidil not only slow down the process of hair loss, but also initiate growth in the vertex and crown (excluding scalp).

2. Levothyroxine medications:

Is thyroid issue the culprit in your case? A thyroid hormone medicine, Levothyroxine, might be prescribed to you by the surgeon. This pill effectively works against hypothyroidism causing hair fall and hairline receding.

3. Hormone therapy:

Hormone therapy is applied when the reason behind your receding hairline is hormonal imbalances. This is quite an effective solution.

4. Hair transplantation:

That’s what I opted for and successfully restored my natural hair. When all the above solutions fall flat, remember, hair transplant is the last obvious one left to treat, from receding hairlines in women to patchy baldness. This is a surgical process where your surgeon extracts healthy follicles from the donor area of your scalp and harvests in the affected site.


An advanced procedure of hair restoration, you can avail this treatment overseas at best affordable price. Wondering that’s another big hassle? Well, not at all!

There are medical tourism companies in Australia who can assist you by fixing schedules with the top rated surgeons to making your trip arrangements. Even they will provide you with post-surgical care back in Australia.

Believe me, instead of letting your self-esteem degrade, you can conveniently avail the best female receding hairlines solutions now.

Time to wear your crowning glory again, ladies!