PRP for hair loss – The best effective non-surgical method at Hair Transplant Abroad!

We are happy that people are getting more conscious regarding hair loss. Considering this awareness for treating hair fall, we offer a wide range of options for patients with various medical conditions and cater to their individual requirements. While FUE is the most effective surgical method for restoring hair, the non-surgical one is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP for hair loss.

PRP for hair loss:

prp for hair lossPRP is a completely natural and advanced non-surgical technique to treat hair thinning or hair loss. With the help of a thin needle, the surgeon injects your own healthy blood cells into the scalp, which then stimulates growth of hair naturally. Platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss is a highly effective solution for both genders.

PRP or your blood plasma has growth factors like autologous blood products and mesenchymal stem cells that are active and can enhance the speed of hair growth on bald patches. As a promising result of this PRP for hair loss, you will get healthier looking natural hair with much volume.

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What are the pros of PRP hair loss treatment?

If you are wondering; why you should go for this non-surgical hair restoration technique, read on to know the major benefits associated with PRP for hair loss.

  • Outcomes are completely safe and reliable
  • Brings your natural look back
  • An extremely simple procedure
  • Consumes minimum time during the procedure
  • Recovery period for PRP hair loss treatment is also very quick
  • Regrown hairs are of best quality

At Hair Transplant Abroad, we have been offering solutions with PRP therapy for hair loss since years now. We can proudly mention that our patients are highly satisfied with our PRP for hair loss service.

prp hair loss treatment

How is PRP treatment for hair loss conducted?

It’s simple! Your expert surgeon will take a little blood from your body. He will then treat it in a centrifuge that lets only the enriched platelets to remain. It is basically highly concentrated PRP that also contains important proteins to boost up hair growth. This Platelet Rich Plasma is then injected using a special micro needle into the recipient area. Don’t worry! You will be under the effect of anesthesia so that no pain can be felt.

While only PRP therapy can cure hair loss promoting growth, in some cases, this technique is combined with hair transplantation as per individual’s requirement.

prp hair loss treatment cost

PRP hair loss treatment cost is reasonable with us

Indeed! We have solutions for all your hair related problems. We are known across Australia to provide with the top quality remedies. Our PRP hair loss treatment cost is also affordable enough for anyone to avail. Not only you can call us up whenever convenient, but you can also get our free consultation service on hair loss treatment. It is extended to patients from Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and further.

You can rely on our PRP for hair loss service as it has been approved by FDA. However, we must also inform you that it’s not a good idea to ‘wait and watch.’ As veteran surgeons with Hair Transplant Abroad, we suggest that it is wiser to immediately consult with a doctor for PRP hair loss treatment before it is too late.

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