Prepare to shell out some good money for a hair transplant! Know the costs.

Prepare to shell out some good money for a hair transplant! Know the costs.

You must have heard of a ‘bad hair’ day, and most of you may even experience it frequently. Well hair problems are that real! A good haircut or hairstyle literally has the power to enhance your overall personality. We can hardly imagine our lives without hair! Even the thought of it scares us. Isn’t it? Now imagine, one fine day you wake up and find out you’re bald. Yes, baldness is a very natural occurrence and a common phenomenon. Though it is more prevalent amongst men, even women are not spared from intense hair fall, resulting in baldness. So what is the solution? After years of research, doctors have come up with techniques by which, you can have your dear hair back. More so, your hair will even grow and re-grow naturally. The magical thing that we are talking about here, is a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Cost

What is hair transplant all about?

If you are follically challenged, you may consider undergoing a hair transplant surgery. In the simplest sense, a hair transplant involves, extracting hair follicles from donor areas (where you have abundant hair, like at the back of your head) and implanting them to the beneficiary areas (bald spots or thinned-hair areas). The most famous techniques are FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (Follicular unit extraction). While FUT is more convenient and simpler, it leaves behind a lot of lined scars in the donor areas. An FUE is a costlier and hectic process but is more desirable because of its numerous advantages.

Cost of Hair Transplant

The idea of getting a hair transplant gets you all excited, because a hope awakens within you to have your lost hair back. But what about the costs involved? Do you have enough savings? A hair transplant becomes too expensive in places such as US, UK or Australia, which is the reason why patients prefer to travel abroad, to get a cheaper surgery done.

What it costs you!

On an average, FUE hair transplant would cost 5 to 20 US dollars for each follicular unit. You can also consider India as your transplantation centre, because of its cost effectiveness, and availability of most efficient and skilled doctors. Also, an FUE hair transplant costs only $ 3 per follicular unit, in India. Let us find out the how much a hair transplant costs in Australia (where the procedure originated), and the costs in other countries. (The costs mentioned below, are on an average, for the full transplantation procedure).




$11,000 to $18000


$3000 to $30,000


$4,300 to $21500

















Now that you’re aware about the rates, that you would have to incur to get a hair transplant done, you can make an informed research on which country to visit to undergo the surgery. Consider the other expenses like travel, stay, food, and other things, before taking a decision. Also, it is crucial to find a good surgeon, as unprofessional doctors may engage you in a faulty procedure, which will have no success, and will only result in a number of side effects.

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