Pick up these 10 food items to prevent hair loss in men

Pick up these 10 food items to prevent hair loss in men

The more you age, the more your hair follicles fall off! That’s the truth, accept it. Hair fall, today, is certainly not restricted to that ‘old grey haired’ man; people of any age can suffer from hair loss leading to male pattern baldness. Disappointed? Well, don’t! As they say, every lock comes with a key; I shall share with you some diet changes that will help you to prevent hair fall, naturally and effectively.

male patten baldness

Hey, all men out there; come, let’s make the picks from your kitchen!

10 food items to prevent hair loss; thus, male pattern baldness

1. Grab some fish:

Remember what your old school books taught you about fish? – That they have high amount of protein? Well, fish has always been a wonderful source of nutrient, both for your health and hair. Grab some fish like tuna, cod, salmon, halibut and mackerel to naturally protect your hair from shedding off and prevent treating male pattern baldness.

2. Take out that Spinach:

An excellent source of Vitamin A, C, iron and protein, Spinach treats iron deficiency in your body which is one of the main reasons for hair loss in men. This leafy vegetable contains sebum that functions as your hair’s natural conditioner.

3. Carrots: Rabbits are wise choosers!

The favourite veggie of rabbits, carrots can protect those lustrous locks of yours. The Vitamin A present in carrots promotes hair growth.


4. Greek Yogurt: since 500 B.C.

Greek Yogurt is another food item that encourages hair growth by improving blood flow to the scalp. Rich in both protein and Vitamin B5, Greek Yogurt can indeed prevent the extreme condition of male pattern baldness. The history of this item dates back to 500 B.C.
5. The fruity-guava

Guava contains Vitamin C, which is responsible for giving you strong, shiny hair. Although oranges are considered to be good sources of this vitamin, guava goes no behind, with this one fruit having 4 to 5 times more of Vitamin C.

6. Pick few eggs:

Packed with biotin (Vitamin B) responsible exclusively for hair growth, pick few of those eggs for preventing hair loss in men. Ignorance might lead to complete baldness even.

Note: However, for extreme conditions, you shall have to avail Men Hair Transplant procedure.
7. Nuts: hard to crack; but good for hair:

Those hard-to-crack stuffs are actually great sources of minerals, vitamins, protein, phytochemicals, etc. All these are solutions of man’s hair loss problems. Eat nuts and seeds regularly; maintain healthy hairs for years!

8. Bok Choy: Another leafy green

This leafy green is extremely rich in iron content that boosts up the level of ferritin in the blood. Having Bok Choy will ultimately help in treating male pattern baldness.

Bok Choy

9. Lentils: “Niceness of bean world.”

Lentils are known for storing ample folic acid. Besides, these are also rich in biotin, iron, protein and zinc. Lentils supply hair-strengthening oxygen, highly beneficial to protect your locks.

10. The gorgeous red strawberries

Silica is extremely vital for strengthening hair and promoting hair growth in men. And strawberries contain silica in high levels; hence beneficial for you.

So, these were the ten food items that can quite effectively protect your lovely hair from shedding off. But…in case you have already suffered a good amount of hair loss, treating male pattern baldness is not possible through these natural remedies. For that, you have to seek doctor’s attention. How can the doctor help you out?

How can the doctor help you out? Well,

Well, medical world has moved a long way ahead and has come up with new methods of hair restoration. Among all, the most common one is Men Hair Transplant. Yes! Unfortunately, I was in an extremely bad hair condition and hence, had to opt for this surgical method. But fortunately, I have got the best results.

men hair transplant

Men Hair Transplant:

This is a surgical method of hair restoration where the surgeon plucks healthy hair follicles from donor site (you yourself are the donor) and transplants those to the affected area. This procedure helps you grow your natural hair, giving out permanent results.

For the best treatment, avail Men Hair Transplant services overseas. Not only will you get top-quality results, but also at surprisingly low rates compared to Australia. I availed and benefitted! You too can.