Meet Dr. Tejinder Bhatti now in Australia, for FUE Hair Transplant Consultation!

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti Consultation Event 2017 – Sydney & Melbourne, Australia

Australia is now rated in the top 5 for people suffering from hair loss problem. This is why; we are organizing an event with the most renowned FUE hair transplant surgeon Dr. Tejinder Bhatti.

He will now be coming to Australia in March to meet his ex-clients and see his new medical clients. This is a great opportunity for all of those who are looking for some experienced advice regarding their hair loss problem.

Know more about Dr. Tejinder Bhatti

Dr. Bhatti is one of the most renowned names in the hair transplant field. He has more than a decade of experience in FUT Strip Surgery and FUE hair transplant. His clinic was the first in the world to convert 100% FUT surgery to FUE hair transplant. He also holds several degrees apart from his MBBS, which are –

  • Advanced Course in Surgery
  • M.S. (Master of Surgery)
  • M.Ch (Master of Plastic Surgery)
  • FRCS- Fellow of Restorative & Cosmetic Surgery
  • FAIS- Fellow, Association of Surgeons of India
  • DNB- Diplomate National Board of Examinations
  • FICS – Fellow, International College of Surgery (Chicago, USA)
  • FIMSA- Fellow, International Medical Sciences Academy
  • FIAHRS- Fellow of the Indian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons

Not only this, Dr. Bhatti has a success rate of more than 95%. He has patients all over the world; most of them are celebrities. Here are some of his accomplishments and patient feedback –

This event is organized just for you!

The sole motto to organize this event is to help all the people suffering from hair fall or baldness. Such people generally develop low confidence, self-agitation and other emotional turmoil because of their physical appearance. If you are also having these issues, then get this solved permanently with Dr. Tejinder Bhatti.

Previously, a similar event was organized in the UK, and there Dr. Bhatti met all his ex-patients and also gave consultation to more than 60 new people attending the same. Presently, among them, more than 80% turned into his permanent patients and are extremely content with the FUE hair transplant results.

Can anyone who is not a patient attend this event?

Absolutely! You, your friends, relatives and neighbors – anyone who is suffering from hair loss problems. Along with that, you will also get to meet his ex-medical patients and can discuss their experience.

Just carry your medical history. If you are under some medication, then get the prescription or if you are taking some other medicines like vitamins, calcium or any other supplements, do mention that to Dr. Bhatti. This will ensure a better prospect to achieve a faster result for your transplantation.

Itinerary of the event

  • Get detailed information about FUE hair transplant
  • Pre and Post surgery preparation and care
  • One-on-one consultation (each session will of on an average 25 minutes)

Things you achieve from this event –

  1. You will get to know all about FUE transplant
  2. You can clear every air of confusion or doubt
  3. You will be able to talk to Dr. Tejinder Bhatti and know what is best for you
  4. The charges are very affordable unlike other medical events in Australia

Event details –

Event Registration Process

It’s simple!

  • Fill the online form to register yourself
  • Pay a $50 consultation fee (This will be adjusted to your procedure fee if you decide to go ahead with the procedure)
  • Book your time slot
  • There are several payment modes to make the entire process more convenient for you

If you think that you need to pay a lot, then get ready to be surprised to see our affordable prices for the event entry.

With a consultation from Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, the best surgeon for FUE hair transplant, get rid of all your hair loss problems. Get them fixed and flaunt your confidence. For the rest; we are here to help!

Please join us for Dr. Tejinder Bhatti Consultation Event 2017. All are invited!

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See you there! 😊