Listing Out Top 10 Reasons For Hair Loss In Men

Listing Out Top 10 Reasons For Hair Loss In Men

Are your hairs suddenly going? Curious to know why? Well, the fact is men are most likely vulnerable to hair loss than women – reason being male pattern baldness. And if not treated in time, men would end up losing their confidence while their locks lay on the pillow.

So, before you start panicking, it is important to find out the cause of your hair loss.

Here are the top 10 reasons why men loose hair.

1. Trichotillomania:

No! It’s not a disease, so relax! Some people have the habit of pulling or plucking hair from head or other body parts. This habit is termed as trichotillomania. While it is also considered as an obsessive-compulsive disorder rather than a habit, the outcome is same for both – hair loss. With excessive trichotillomania, it can lead to permanent hair loss.

Top 10 reasons for hair loss in men

2. Autoimmune disease:

Arthritis or Diabetes patients deal with autoimmune diseases when their bodies’ immune systems attack healthy body tissues by mistake. And when hair follicles are the target, various kinds of hair loss are experienced by a sufferer. My brother had this problem but was cured with in-time treatment from the best surgeon.

3. Thyroid:

People with hypothyroidism suffer from major health problems is a known fact. What you don’t know is that this is one of the major culprits for your patchy hair loss, medically termed as Alopecia Areata. In this case, see your doctor at the earliest and get treated.

4. Infections:

If you get affected by infections, chances are your hair will fall. Some of the common infections are ringworm, dermatitis, folliculitis, syphilis, etc., all responsible for targeting the hair to shed off. I think, you must, without delay, visit the doctor as soon as you notice any of them.

5. Chemotherapy:

A person getting chemotherapy is likely to lose his hair. Cancer cells usually grow faster than your body cells and with chemotherapy, this cell division and growth stops even sooner. Hair follicles also grow rapidly which again stop leading to total or gradual hair loss. In this case, the hair regrows, however.

6. Stress and depression:

Your mental disturbance can clearly reflect on your physical health including those lovely locks. In a stressful situation, ‘pulling my hair out’ may be a common term but in reality, hair actually falls out. To make it simple, with more stress, you are likely to lose hair.

Hair Loss in Men

7. Medication:

You never know, some of those drugs or medicines you are taking may be the cause of your hair shedding off. Some of them are anti-consultants, anti-thyroid medicines, beta-blockers and a dozen others. Due to intake of these medications, your hair moves to the resting phase from the growth phase, ultimately falling out. Also male hormones like steroids and testosterone can be the reason.

8. Tight hairstyles or pulled back hair:

While women can more relate to this fact, doing tight hairstyles is a major cause of hair loss in men too. The very recent resurgence of man bun, braids or ponytail is certainly unique but putting more stress on them can actually cause your hair to fall.

Hair Loss in Men

9. Irregular diet:

When health is affected by poor diet, how can the hair go unaffected? No, this is not my question, rather I should have presented in a statement form. Yes, if you munch more on poor diet with no properly balanced protein, carbohydrate and essential minerals; you are likely to experience hair fall. So, better consult the doctor who will recommend you a balanced diet chart.

10. Smoking:

Now, you got another reason to quit smoking. It is one of the main causes of hair loss in men.
While these are the top 10 reasons for hair loss in men, the cause in your case may be different. If none of the above matches with you, the most qualified person to guide you would be your doctor. Get checked up at the beginning to prevent complete hair loss.

Reasons for hair loss in men

What is the treatment for hair loss?

The treatment for hair loss depends on individual’s condition. But the best method that people are appreciating most is hair transplantation.

There are ample of options to get hair problem solutions overseas at a surprisingly cheaper rate. If you want to avail such service, contact a trusted medical tourism company who will take you to the country offering finest hair treatments. “Time to celebrate your well-groomed hair again!”