Know why Cheap Hair Transplant Clinics Can’t Compete Overseas Treatment!

Know why Cheap Hair Transplant Clinics Can’t Compete Overseas Treatment!

Why do people for any service use two terms – ‘Cheap’ and ‘Professional’? Certainly, there must be a reason to call for these terms, and it is not just based on price. Hair Transplant Clinics are now on demand and witnessing the best of their business. But how many of them are providing what they are promising?

Why are cheap Hair Transplant Clinics not promising?

Medical treatment has become extremely expensive in Australia and covers several charges, which can be heavy in the pocket and can be difficult as everyone cannot pay off the bills. In this case, there is one thing that can totally serve you with the best, that too in budget – Hair Transplant Abroad services. Here, they have tie- ups with Asian countries like India, Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore. These countries have the facilities to serve you with the best.

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But nowadays, there are several clinics coming up with schemes (which are certainly very difficult to believe) and claiming a discount of almost 60%. Now, the question is, are they claiming to provide the discount on price or quality?

Some facts regarding cheap hair transplant clinics

If you recently came across some hair clinics who are offering services at a very marginalized rate than others in Australia, then you must read between the lines of their ‘conditions applied.’

The reason that these services are not good is simple- where 1 FUE grafting costs around $8 to $12 AUD, how can you expect them to do it in $4- $5 AUD? As survey says, the treatment they are providing is not a permanent hair transplant solution, but a temporary anti-hair fall solution with cheap hair growth remedies.

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Let’s hear some truth about Hair Transplant overseas:

The concept of hair transplantation in abroad is now gaining popularity among people all over the world. In the last 2 years, the service has seen a client pull of 37% more. When so many people are paying for this choice, there must be some strong reason behind it. To start with, here are few points that you should know regarding Hair Transplant overseas.

1. Best doctors available

Yes, when you take service from abroad, you will get the best doctors along with complete assistance and guidance. This includes pre-treatment to post-treatment guidance. Along with that, you will get a medical checkup that includes tests to ensure you don’t face any trouble.

2. High-tech treatment

If you can’t imagine opting for high-tech treatment facilities without going bankrupt, with hair transplantation services abroad, this is possible without any hassle. This a great deal for all who are willing to compromise with Cheap Clinics. Now you get the best treatment and that too even at a lesser price at hair transplant overseas than those clinics.

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3. Pay less

Charges in Asian countries are at least 40% less than what you will have to pay at hair transplant clinics in Australia.

For example: A complete transplant with proper facilities in Australia will cost you around $12 AUD for 1 FUE graft, and the same in Bangkok will cost around 100 Bhats ($3.84 AUD).

4. Get a small holiday

Not only will the overseas package give you the best treatment, but also will allow you to have a vacation after the treatment. All of these are within budget.

Now, you have the clear reasons why, cheap transplantation clinics have no chance in front of hair transplant abroad. Book your treatment today!