Know the Causes Of Hair Loss In Women during pregnancy

Know the Causes Of Hair Loss In Women during pregnancy

Hair fall and women; seems like an obvious companion, isn’t it? Not exactly! While this is quite common, there is nothing to be depressed, hair loss in women can be treated efficiently now. But, to identify which is the right treatment method, it is first important to recognize the cause. One of the major reasons for hair fall in women is pregnancy. This is because of the hormonal changes caused in the female body that leads to hair loss in women.
If you are going through the same phase, here are some essential causes of hair loss in women that you must take into note.

Causes of hair loss in women

Causes of hair loss in women during pregnancy:

Let me tell you that; every woman experiences different types of hair fall for different causes during this wonderful phase of her life. However, some of the major reasons are –

Blame your genes –

One of the main causes of hair loss during pregnancy can be your genes. That is if your parents or someone in your family has this problem, chances for you getting affected similarly are more.
What’s the remedy? When the reason is your genes, doctors will treat you with the right medicines for controlling this problem and recovering soon.

Anaemia –

Anaemia is caused due to deficiency of iron in your body and this symptom is very common in women who have conceived. So, another cause of hair fall during this phase is anaemia. This health issue reduces the quantity of red blood cells of your body leading to major symptoms like hair fall.

Skin diseases –

A woman is more likely to suffer from skin diseases when they are pregnant. Allergies may occur anywhere even on your scalp leading to severe hair loss.

causes of hair loss

Hypothyroidism –

Again, thyroid is a common symptom in most women today. When the production of thyroid hormone is reduced in the body, this causes hypothyroidism. Now how is it related to hair fall? Well, this particular hormone maintains a lot of factors –
a. Digestive system
b. Basal metabolic rate
c. Mental health
d. Also, hair and nails

So, when there is a deficiency, your hairs get affected causing them to shed off.
All these are the major reasons for hair fall in women during pregnancy. As long as it is minimal, it is fine. But in case the symptoms seem to continue for a longer time, you should immediately contact the specialist. If gone ignored, this can lead to baldness as well.

causes of hair loss in women

FUE Hair Transplant: Your Ultimate Effective Solution

Not scaring you, hair fall can be treated through women hair transplant technique. Today, this is one the best treatments offered to bring back your natural lush in hair.

FUE hair transplant is a surgical process, and a less painful one, of course. The surgeon with the help of an advanced instrument transplants grafts of hair from the donor site to the recipient area individually. The benefits are –

  • No visible scars
  • Quick recovery
  • Permanent results
  • Reduced discomfort post operation
  • Gives natural look back

Want to avail this hair transplantation treatment? You must hire a reliable medical tourism company who will assist through the whole process. Starting from choosing the right country overseas to getting appointments and post-medical care back home in Australia, they take care of everything. So, with all this convenience, fly abroad and return with gorgeous and healthy hair.