Is PRP treatment for hair loss safe for older people?

Is PRP treatment for hair loss safe for older people?

“As I am 60 years old, it is safe for me to undergo PRP treatment for my hair loss?” If that’s what you are asking, then, yes! PRP treatment for hair loss is a safe procedure for people regardless of their age. It is neither gender-specific. Anyone who is above 18 years old can successfully undergo this treatment. However, it is important to have sufficient miniaturized hair.


For older people, it is extremely essential to understand the process of treatment and the very basic information about it so that they can have a realistic expectation of the results. In my case; few months back, I took my 65-year-old mother for this hair fall control treatment. It was then that the doctor suggested informing her everything.
Hence, as you are planning to undergo the same, there are certain important factors regarding the treatment and PRP hair treatment cost. These will help patients to have realistic expectations.

About PRP treatment for hair loss older patients must know:

1. What is the concept of PRP?
PRP expands to Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a cutting age non-surgical procedure that has proved to be highly effective in treating hair loss and thinning of hair. PRP is basically concentrated form of blood plasma whose platelet count is much more than in normal circulating blood.
2. What happens in the PRP treatment procedure?
During the procedure, the surgeon injects your own blood cells that are healthy on your scalp. This blood contains active growth factors like mesenchymal stem cells, etc. Perfumed with a thin needle, this process stimulates hair growth naturally. Putting it simply, PRP treatment can reverse the process of miniaturization that is responsible for causing common baldness, medically known as androgenic alopecia.
PRP hair restoration reviews have always been positive in this context.
3. What can you expect from the treatment?
Within 3 to 6 months, you can experience growth of new hair. However, make sure to get treated by an experienced surgeon. He will work with precision so that the new hair growth perfectly matches with the existing hairline.
In fact, the health, density and texture of your existing hair will be improved to a great extent. If you ask about my mother, she is extremely happy with the results now.

prp for hair loss in old
4. Are there possibilities of side-effects in older people?
No! You can be rest assured that no side-effects will be there. It is a very natural and safe procedure for everyone. As the concentrated blood is extracted from your body, so your immune system won’t reject it. You won’t be exposed to allergy, infection or any sort of hypersensitivity.
However, PRP hair restoration reviews also said, there are chances of some redness or soreness that will eventually subside with proper medication by the surgeon.
The most important thing to note:
Above all of these, you should seek treatment from a surgeon who has expertise in PRP treatment. Only then can you ensure complete safety. Also being an older citizen, certain medications might not suit you according to your health’s condition. A good doctor will offer you medical assistance, keeping all these factors in mind.


Medical tourism is the best option to avail PRP treatment because not only the quality but PRP hair treatment cost is also quite affordable in countries overseas, compared to Australia. You can save a lot in the whole trip. Contact reliable medical tourism company and bring back your lost confidence.
“Live your life and forget your age!”