How to protect yourself against winter hair loss?

How to protect yourself against winter hair loss?

‘Winter is coming.’ This popular phrase is commonly used but it doesn’t make it less true as winter is really around the corner. Be ready to encounter those grey and cold days where washing your hair becomes a menial task and dealing with hair loss becomes your biggest concern.
Losing hair during winter is one of my biggest concerns. No other season tortures my hair as much as winter does. It becomes frizzy, unmanageable and so dry that it’s really difficult to manage. To top it off, every little home remedy I try simply doesn’t make the hair fall stop. However, I discovered certain ways to protect my hair.


There are ways to save your hair during winter and I have benefited from those. So before you go about searching for hair loss treatment, try these out.

6 ways to combat hair loss during winter

1. Get a hat

Getting a hat or a scarf is an effective way to protect your hair. In winter, I wrap my hair in a scarf to protect it from any damage. The weather dries up the moisture from your hair and dry hair is one of the causes of hair loss as it breaks off easily. In case you are tensed about getting the ‘hat hair’ then opt for a silk scarf.


2. Condition properly

Dandruff is a common problem experienced by many in winter and results from a flaky scalp, which again is one of the causes of hair loss. The flaky scalp happens because you do not moisturize your hair and scalp enough. Remember winter is a dry season and just like your body, the scalp requires some extra care as well. So condition your hair nicely. Before washing your hair, opt for hot oil treatments.

3. Wash less

Even though it might not seem hygienic to many, still, it is an effective way to mitigate hair loss and protect your mane in winter. It is from my personal experience and I have seen that the less I wash my hair, the less it dries up and breaks. So, if you want to lessen hair loss, then wash your hair only two or three times a week depending upon the nature of your scalp.

4. Dry it out

Again, before you go about scrambling for hair loss treatment to resolve your issue, think back and find out whether you dry out your hair completely during winters or not. When you go out in the cold with your wet hair, the weather dries it up and makes it brittle. Hence, your locks become susceptible to breaking. If you opt for a blow dryer, then use a heat protective serum to protect your hair.

5. Cut it evenly

If you are one of those people who avoids haircuts during winter in order to keep warm, then you have no idea how badly you are damaging your hair. Avoiding haircuts results in split ends which are again one of the major causes of hair loss as they lead to breakage. So, cut your mane evenly and get rid of those split ends.

6. Eat healthy

Eating healthy is not an option but is a necessity if you want to prevent hair loss and protect your hair. It is a truth widely known that what you eat gets reflected all around you. So consume food which is rich in protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. Include nuts, spinach, salmon, beans, etc. in your daily diet.


However, these only work for people who have experienced moderate amount of hair fall. For those with a receding hairline, you need some advanced measures.

For Advanced Hair loss:

If you are suffering from a drastic hair fall, then it is time that you visit a doctor and find out your solution. You might be suffering from Alopecia or some other problem, causing hair fall.

When you visit a doctor, you will be offered with a variety of choices for hair loss treatment which comprise of both surgical and non-surgical options. For best quality treatment, opt for an overseas medical centre through a medical tourism company that allows you to experience the best at a really low price compared to treatment prices in Australia. Let your lustrous mane shine even in the cold days!

If you are looking for hair loss treatment or a hair transplant, you can Contact us now and book your appointment.