How can PRP hair loss treatment be effective in hair loss?

How can PRP hair loss treatment be effective in hair loss?

Let me begin with – “Yes! PRP Hair Loss Treatment is effective enough to treat hair loss in both men and women.” You might be wondering, when surgical methods of treatment have always been the best to restore hair, how would this non-surgical technique excel, right? Well, for that, you need to understand thoroughly what this PRP thing actually is. Let’s get started…

What is this PRP hair loss treatment?

PRP, expanding to Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, is a non-surgical but exciting procedure where the doctor takes your healthy blood cells and injects them into the scalp. This injection will do the real work stimulation hair growth naturally.

This is no miracle but pure science – the plasma of your blood has important active growth factors (mesenchymal stem and autologous blood products) that are highly capable of boosting the rapidity of your hair growth. This especially works on your bald patches and the end result is, you have your shiny natural locks back. Not just that, you will have a good volume as well.

If you need to stimulate your hair growth for treating hair fall, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a highly effective solution indeed.


PRP therapy with hair transplant surgery

PRP therapy for hair loss is considered to be a revolutionary solution for hair loss problems. Considering its versatility, the procedure is often used while performing hair transplant surgery, besides being an independent technique itself. Do you want to know how it is performed? Here you go!

I am one to have received this treatment; so, from my personal experience, let me tell you that PRP Hair Loss Treatment is performed mainly in three stages.

#1st stage –
Around 60 to 100 ml blood will be taken from you. It is then centrifuged to separate the most active factors and the fraction containing most platelets. A ‘divide and combine’ process with the platelets is done for increasing the effectivity of the therapy.

#2nd stage –
In the second phase, your doctor will stimulate your scalp for activating the process of wound healing. This is done for using those prepared active growth factors and platelets.

#3rd stage –
Now comes the re-injection phase. The platelets and growth factors will be re-injected into your scalp. You may ask why another injection? Well, doing so will provide every factor with a high level that will further boost up hair growth and quick healing.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

In a nutshell, these are benefits you will enjoy:

  • You will be under general anesthesia; so no pain
  • A very simple procedure
  • Ensures healthy natural hair growth
  • You can rely on; it is safe
  • Time required – 60 to 90 minutes approx.

“Let that lovely lustrous hair add more beauty to your personality.”   

One more point I would add,
The next factor that is surely going to bother you is the expense; isn’t that? I understand! Now, truth is PRP Hair Loss Treatment cost is quite expensive in Australia. On searching, you might find few hair solution clinics giving ‘best’ assurances, but almost all of them charge an amount, enough to make a whole in your pocket. Wait…wait! I shall definitely give you a cost-effective better option.
Travel to countries abroad! Some of the foreign nations like India offer top-quality solutions on all hair related issues. The PRP Hair Loss Treatment cost is also much less than what you get here. And yes! Low cost doesn’t mean poor quality service.

Platelet Rich Plama Therapy

This is exactly where India excels. The country has internationally renowned surgeons, advanced medical infrastructure, well-trained team for personalised treatment and hence, high-quality service. In one line, flying abroad will give you both – excellent quality treatment and low PRP Hair Loss Treatment cost.

Believe me; you won’t be disappointed! PRP hair loss therapy is extremely effective in treated hair loss. Hire a trusted company offering medical tours on hair solutions and fly overseas.  Contact us now !