Wondering How a Bald Man Looks After a Complete Hair Transplant?

Wondering How a Bald Man Looks After a Complete Hair Transplant?

Is your hair thinning away gradually?

Have you considered any remedy? May be you are obstructed by the thought of how men’s hair transplant surgery might leave you?!

Whether the new hair will resemble a wig or will it look absolutely natural, like it never fell off at all!
Well, a new study has affirmed that men tend to look more attractive and younger after undergoing a hair transplant.

Guess, that gave a sigh of relief!

FUE is the most common and a highly successful technique. The surgery includes replacing the bald part of the head with hair follicles plucked out from healthy hair region of the patient. That is also the basic reason why men’s hair transplant surgery is unfortunately not possible for those who have lost all their hair; i.e. those who are completely bald.



Get back with a look that’s younger and bolder!

According to a study conducted by Lisa E. Ishii, M.D., M.H.S., of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, men with androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness) looked more attractive after undergoing the hair transplant procedure. Moreover, the new mane looked absolutely natural.

Now, think it this way – when you know you would look better, will that not boost your confidence level? Well, that is precisely what happens to those who choose this surgery rather than hiding under the table or wearing wigs. Their success rate in professional field has also increased significantly.

Therefore, we can state that men after hair transplant have a higher success rate.

This can be explained by an interesting anecdote.

Suppose, a gentleman suffers from partial baldness. He will grow excessively conscious of his looks and the anxiety of being jeered at will get him morally down. However, once the hair regrows after the surgery and he sees a new self in the mirror, his whole perception will alter. This will automatically boost his confidence and self-reliance.


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FUE – The magical answer!

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a process of extracting individual follicular units from the donor area. This is different from the strip harvesting method where a whole section of the skin is removed and dissected into follicular units.

FUE, being an advanced procedure, is indeed more effective in re-growing hair as the raw follicles are directly implanted on the bald patches. Moreover, there won’t be any mark left behind to identify that you have had a surgery. A bit more relieved? Good!

Now, what about the cost?

True, that’s a major hurdle.
Women’s or men’s hair transplant surgery is quite expensive and not many can afford to spend a fortune on it. There’s a catch, though – you might not have to spend a lot and yet get an effective hair restoration conducted in the world’s leading developing countries!

HOW?? Fly to the developing countries!

Most people dwell in the notion that developed countries possess far better technologies for operations but the case is not so. Developing countries like India, Malaysia and Thailand have internationally acclaimed doctors who are leaders in providing medical services! Moreover, due to an economy not as thriving as the first world nations, the cost of medical services is also very less.

So, getting back a more youthful look and boosting confidence is now not even expensive!

The best part about this is that there is no age limit for undergoing women’s or men’s hair transplant surgery. Anyone above 18 can opt for hair transplant. Only make sure to get the treatment from an experienced surgeon who has a good past record. Even older men have reported a renewed level of self-assurance and resilience after hair transplant!

Hence, if you’re still wondering how men look after undergoing hair transplant, here’s the answer for you – they look more handsome, bold and brimming with self-confidence!