Heal yourself in perfect way against hair loss medication side effects now!

Heal yourself in perfect way against hair loss medication side effects now!

Here a known fact: Medicines are prescribed to treat various health issues. Now, as everything has its pros as well as cons, so does medication. There are hair loss medication side effects. On one hand, where medication heals, on the other hand, it can cause some adverse effect too and that can be quite a problem for patients. Don’t be scared! Instead, check out the opposing results first.

Prescribed drugs that trigger hair loss medication causes:

There are some prescribed drugs that causes hair fall side effects. Here’s the list below for you:

  • Antibiotics: Every small or big problem concerning bacteria and viruses can only be treated with Antibiotics. But the result is hair loss.
  • Cholesterol control medications: Controlling this is very important to safeguard your heart. But then again, it causes trouble to your hair.
  • Anti-depressants: In this hectic schedule, people often switch to anti-depressants recommended by doctors to calm their strain and stress in life. This is one of the major hair loss medication causes.

Some other medicines are –

  • Anti-acne
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Blood thinners
  • Thyroid medicines
  • Mood stabilizers


These are some of the conditions that we cannot avoid if taking prescribed drugs, but the side effect these have, cannot be underestimated too.

Hair loss medication side effects on hair cycle:

Here you will in a bit more detail, that how medicines affect the hair growth cycle:

1. Hair grows during anagen phase which lasts for 3-4 days; then comes catagen phase that again remains for 2-3 weeks before proceeding to telogen period. This is the entire hair cycle for new hair growth.
2. Medicine causes hurdle in the form of telogen effluvium by sending the hair follicle in resting phase and causing hair fall at a pre-mature stage. This is the most common type of hair fall problem due to medicine affect.
3. Anagen effluvium is another problem that prevents matrix hair growth and cell division.

hair loss medication

How to prevent hair loss medication side effects?

For a fact, this is the most important piece of information required by people to pause this medicinal effect. Here are some of the suggestions that will be beneficial for you:

1. Visit a doctor:

Like the proverb “An eye for an eye,” it is now a doctor for a doctor. Experienced doctors and dermatologists will be able to help fix this problem and can stop the hair loss patterns. But in case you have lost a lot of hair, and suffering from baldness pattern then you need to avail hair transplant treatment abroad. Why abroad?

The reason is simple; Medical tourism overseas will help you get the best treatment from internationally acclaimed surgeons and that too in your planned budget. This is just a more feasible option if we see the medical cost in Australia, which is extremely high. To me, the best place to get this treatment done is from Thailand or India.

2. Use essential oils:

Oils help in strengthening the hair follicles and preventing hair loss. This will repair the damage to some extent that other medicines are causing.

Hair Oil

3. Try Vitamin D

It is a tested and proven method of controlling hair fall. Increase your intake of Vitamin D to stop hair fall.

4. Manage your stress

Too much of stress can cause hormonal imbalance, and this requires medicines to provide a calming effect. But as an after effect to this, one suffers from hair fall issues. So if you are also under stress, try meditation (I do it, and it helps).

With all these information, hair loss medication causes can be managed and avoided. But for assuring result, don’t avoid consulting a proficient doctor soon!

Heal yourself in perfect way against hair loss medication side effects now!
There are some prescribed drugs that causes hair fall side effects. Here are some tips to prevent hair loss medication side effects.
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