Hair transplant techniques and surgery – Is it really worth the cost and pain?

Hair transplant techniques and surgery – Is it really worth the cost and pain?

Relax! You are not the first one who is confused regarding the safety of hair transplant techniques and surgery. People who have decided to undergo this surgical process of hair restoration have most of the times gone through a similar phase like you now. But, reports say, majority of the cases were successful.

Let us answer your query first – “Is hair transplant surgery really worth the cost and pain?”

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Hair transplantation surgery – Addressing the pain factor!

Before talking about the pain, understanding the concept of this hair restoration for men and women is important to bust all myths existing.

  • This is a highly effective procedure for restoring your lost hair
  • In the process, healthy hair follicles are plucked from the donor site and then harvested into the bald patches.
  • Remember, you are the donor. Follicles will be extracted from the healthy part of your scalp (usually from the back).
  • Surgeon makes small incisions to perform the procedure.
  • No major openings or cuts are involved; hence no stitch or pain
  • Moreover, you will be given anesthesia to numb the area of operation

Now, immediately after the surgery, you might experience mild pain or soreness, but that is for a very short time. Moreover, the surgeon will prescribe you with correct medicines to heal faster.

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Hair transplant surgery has so far received success for being the most effective painless surgery for hair restoration. Additionally, no scars or spots will be left behind after the surgery. So, you can confidently flaunt your short hair. In case you are suffering from male pattern baldness, best hair transplant surgeons will recommend you this procedure for top results.

Cost of hair transplant techniques:

Cost of hair transplantation is evaluated as per the number of grafts harvested. In one day, 3000 to 6000 follicles can be transplanted. The cost also varies accordingly.

Price in Australia

In Australia, expense of this surgical process is indeed quite expensive. Here, most clinics might charge somewhere between $6 and $30 per graft. Well, that’s quite high for us, isn’t it? But I’ll bring the solution to your query.

Price in overseas countries

Most Australians are traveling abroad to avail a high-quality cost-effective, hair transplant surgery today. There are countries like India who are offering a superior quality treatment at extremely affordable packages.

For an idea, in India, $2 to $10 is charged per graft in top clinics; clearly, you can guess how much you can save compared to Australia. If you consider options like UK or USA, the charges are even higher there.

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What are the other perks of opting medical tourism?

Opting for medical tourism in India will offer you some other benefits, you’d love to know. Guess???

  • There’s no waiting time unlike Australia
  • Medical team offers completely personalized treatment
  • Best hair transplant surgeons; all internationally acclaimed
  • Advanced infrastructural set-up
  • Quick service
  • Special care for foreign patients
  • Lower cost of accommodation

Your entire medical tourism package will be an affordable one if you can get in touch with an experienced company in Australia. They will help you in choosing the right country and availing affordable, quality treatment.

Hence, here’s your answer: Yes! This technique of hair restoration for men and women is in every way worth the cost and pain…err…no pain.