Hair Transplant Surgery results – From Bald to Beautiful

Hair Transplant Surgery results – From Bald to Beautiful

What is the most common problem we face nowadays? In this hectic life, there is nothing more severe than stress. And the most common side effect of stress is hair fall. This is a major problem which needs to be fixed as soon as possible, or worse, you might go bald. Don’t worry! There is hair transplant surgery to bring aid to this problem.

Recently, I have taken my father for this treatment. It is an absolutely safe method, which provides miraculous results. This will cover all the unwanted gaps on your head and will make your hair look thick as well as natural. Being such a renowned process, success rate is equally high. Not just Australians but people all over the world are trying this method to cover up their bald patches. Starting from celebrities to aged beings, this is famous among a large spectrum of people.

hair transplant surgery

But what exactly is hair transplant surgery?

There are specified dermatologists who will take hair follicles from thicker part of the head and will put on the bald areas that need hair growth. Slowly, hair on the implanted area will start growing naturally and give some stunning hair transplant surgery results within a year.


The only considerable thing is that, an experienced surgeon should do this entire procedure. He will guarantee a better treatment as well as will help you to get much better and faster result. Plus, if the procedure happens in an incorrect manner, gaps won’t get covered up in a proper way and can end up looking funny.

What is the success rate?

The success rate is very high. For non-smokers, it is 95-98% of times when hair grew back in a proper and normal manner. And for smokers? Well, you need to quit smoking before undergoing the surgery. This is why people are so reliable on hair transplant surgery results.

How does this procedure take place?

This is a very valid point, and people should also know about it quite well. Here, is an overall idea about the steps of the procedure.

1. Removal of hair follicle

In the first step, your existing hair is trimmed. Then hair follicles are removed properly from back of your head (healthy donor site).

2. Preparing the patient

If you are going for this procedure, make sure that you are not on any intoxication or you should not smoke at least for 24 hours before to achieve good hair transplant surgery results.

Next is the area where hair transplant will happen; doctors will give local anesthesia so that the patient cannot feel any pain.

3. Removal of tissue

From the donor area, tissues are removed. And the follicles on the tissue are prepared for grafting.

4. Incisions are made

Tiny incisions are made on the head so that the new follicular units can be grafted. They put smaller ones in front, and denser ones are put behind.

5. Immediate effect

Right after the surgery, small hair follicle will be visible in the area.

6. Closing of incisions

Within a week or two, those small cuts might repair, and but no mark or signs will be left there later.

Hair transplant

Where to get the best treatment?

Treatment in Australia can be a heavy burden on pocket. So, for that reason, should you stay bald and unconfident? NO. You can now simply go for hair transplant abroad, especially in Asian countries like Thailand and India with a reputable medical team. There, you will not only get the best facilities, but everything will also be done within budget.

So, if you want to look and feel confident (it worked for me), there can be nothing better than this. Try this proven procedure and see the amazing hair transplant surgery results! Thus, you go from bald to beautiful.