Hair fall! How to prevent hair loss due to helmet?

Hair fall! How to prevent hair loss due to helmet?

When “safe driving wearing helmets” is the message everywhere, doctors say “hat or helmet cause hair loss.” Confused? It’s true that wearing helmets cause your hair to shed off but does that mean you will stop using these safeguards while riding the motorbike? Certainly not!

helmet cause hair loss

Understanding the issue:

Regular use of helmets causes the hair roots to come forward towards the scalp, leading to hair fall. Especially when you are using a helmet that is either misfitting or too tight on your head, which would eventually cause traction alopecia.

Now, what is this new term – traction alopecia?

In traction alopecia, the hair stops growing at the front of your scalp. Reason being their roots come closer to the scalps, ultimately shedding off. This problem is also seen in people who do tight braids and other such hair styles.

Wait! That’s not all. Sweat is another reason. For those who have dandruff or other type of scalp infections, accumulation of sweat at the scalp causes the roots to loosen more and thus, hair fall!

Again, if you are wearing hard hats, be careful as the fabric straps can shave and damage your hair over time.

Traction Alopecia

How to prevent hair loss due to helmet?

As preventive measures, the first thing is to ensure your hair is not tightly pulled. So, wear the helmet in the correct manner.

  • Wear the helmet
  • Slightly lift it up
  • Put down the helmet
  • Again, lift up a little

This procedure is done to check your hair is not getting pulled at its roots. You can repeat the process until you are comfortable. This will help you prevent traction alopecia in the long run.

Apart from these, there are certainly other things you should do for preventing hair loss from helmets or hats.

1. Buy a sweat cap for helmet and use it. It soaks the moisture, keeping the natural oil intact.
2. You can use scarf or bandana to cover your head before wearing a helmet.
3. During long drives, take a break and let your hair breathe.
4. Make sure to wash your hair before using the helmet. Dry, dirty hair causes more damage to the follicles.
5. Take it off gently so that strands are not stuck around the helmet edges
6. Clean the helmet and store it in a hygienic place. If it’s left wet, that will encourage fungal and bacterial growth.

hair loss

Treatment when hat or helmet cause hair loss that leads to baldness!

While hair can regrow if you take preventive measures, the problem is, most people don’t even realize that they are having this issue. By the time they notice, it’s too late. However, not to worry as there is treatment like hair transplantation procedure to restore your mane naturally.

In this surgical method, your healthy hair follicles will be harvested in the bald patches. This will further stimulate growth of natural, shiny hair. Flying abroad with a medical tourism company is the best option today than spending extra bucks in Australia. Believe me; you’ll be surprised at the low cost in countries like Thailand and India. Relax! Top quality is always assured by internationally acclaimed surgeons.

However, if you aren’t suffering from bald patches, doctors recommend other procedures like the alternation method, scalp blood circulation improvement and more.

Now that you know how to prevent hair loss due to helmet, follow the measures and save your crowning glory!