Finasteride for hair loss: Donald Trump’s favorite drug for Hair Loss

Finasteride for hair loss: Donald Trump’s favorite drug for Hair Loss

Donald Trump is a prominent face in the world. After all, with a power of elected Presidency in the US, there is no doubt that he will settle for nothing but the best. It is just the same when it comes to hair loss treatment for him. His long term doctor finally disclosed the secret behind the perfect blond, dense and strong hair of Mr. Trump. You will be surprised to know about the miracles this prostate drug ‘Finasteride’ can do to enhance your hair growth.

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Some more about Finasteride for hair loss

This drug helps in reducing the enlargement of the prostate which is known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. This is common in adult men as with time, a hormone in their body DHT starts secreting in larger quantities and initiates the process of enlarging the prostate.
With the help of Finasteride, dealing with Androgenetic Alopecia or the condition of male hair loss pattern is much easier. Moreover, this is an FDA approved a drug which means it is safe for men to have it to aid hair loss treatment. But there are two major things that everyone who is willing to take this drug should know –

I. Women and children should absolutely stay away from this drug
II. This drug does not prevent prostate cancer

Presently, over 60% of men suffering from male pattern hair loss is opting for the same treatment as Mr. Donald Trump.

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Precautions to aid hair loss treatment for men with Finasteride

Before you start taking this pill, there are certain precautions that every man should take to avoid any unwanted circumstances. After all, you in no mean want to harm your body, right? So follow these rules first and start planning on getting back your luscious hair!

1. Always consult a doctor. Remember, even the President-elect of the US is under a long term treatment of a very renowned doctor. An experienced doctor will be able to suggest the appropriate dosage and also precautions that you need to follow.

2. Finasteride for hair loss deals with the natural hormone control of your body. This means you should talk about the allergies first and discuss other physical condition (best to carry your medical history) to avoid any reaction.

3. Make sure that the film coating on the tablet is intact. Your skin needs to absorb it, and with broken tablet film, the medicinal value drops down.

4. In case you forget to take the recommended dose on a particular day, skip it. Do not take two doses together to compensate the skipped day.

5. Once the medicine starts showing its value, do not stop taking it. The simple reason for this is unless you complete the course there is a high chance that your hair loss treatment might not work.

Which doctors to consult?

To ensure an appropriate result of Finasteride for hair loss, it is best to opt for Hair Transplant Abroad. We all know that medical treatment and doctor fees are extremely high in Australia. But on the other hand, countries like Thailand, India, Singapore are acing in the field of advanced medical treatment. To top it all, this service will cost you at least 40% less in total than you have to pay in Australia.

So, opt for the very best hair loss treatment for men with doctor guidance and appropriate medication. Check out the best hair transplant plan now!