FDA-approved drugs that help in hair restoration

FDA-approved drugs that help in hair restoration

Although baldness gives the image of some 50 years old man, hair loss also targets younger people regardless of their ages and genders. Due to a number of reasons like stress, autoimmune disorders, genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances or tight hair styling, your lovely locks can fall out at a premature stage. As a result, you will gradually move towards baldness. But good news is that, there are some effective remedies of hair restoration.

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Drugs for hair restoration:

The first effective method is the intake of FDA approved drugs. Before drugs, let me tell you in short, what FDA is.

FDA: FDA or Food and Drug Administration are an agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services who protects and promotes public health. It is responsible for supervising the food safety, authentication of medicinal drugs and many other products.

Now, FDA has given its approval to two major drugs that help treat hair loss – Rogaine and Propecia.

1. Rogaine:

Having generic name minoxidil, Rogaine is the first drug approved by FDA for treating hair loss. Both male and female can use this drug for different purposes – men for male pattern baldness and female for hair thinning in front of scalp. Because of its vasodilator properties, this drug has been so effective. For best results, you have to keep continuing the medicine as this does not give permanent results.

Side Effects: Like any other drug, some of the major side effects of Rogaine are skin irritation, scalp dryness and flaking, itching, dizziness, chest pain and fluctuating blood pressure.

2. Propecia:

Medically known as finasteride, Propecia is one of the most effective hair loss solutions in the world. It is specifically used by doctors to treat male pattern hair loss on anterior mid-scalp and vertex area. According to research, 66% have experienced hair growth in back, 42% have experienced hair growth in front. Most men have also stopped losing their hair.

It is not an OTC (over the counter) drug, i.e., you can get it only when prescribed.

Side Effects: Note that Propecia is only for men. Both women and children should strictly be kept away from its handling. Also, improper use may lead to the risk of prostate cancer.
However, for both these medicines, it is always important to consult the doctor before intaking. That’s what my doctor strictly suggested me last year when I went for hair transplantation. With all the advantages and disadvantages, it is only the specialist who, after necessary medical examinations, can confirm whether you are a good candidate for Rogaine and Propecia. So, never try it yourself without proper consultation.
Well, that leaves us with an advanced hair restoration method to discuss. If you are seriously worried about your growing hair loss and desperately looking for the most effective remedy, hair transplant procedure is what you should go for.

Hair Transplantation:

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This is a surgical method of transplanting hair follicles from the donor site to recipient area and growing natural hair. It is highly effective both for men and women. Here are few reasons why one should go for this advanced Hair Transplant Procedure.

  • Gives permanent results
  • No threatening risk involved
  • Once implanted, hair growth continues
  • No requirement of complete anesthesia
  • Gives quick recovery
  • Minimal or no pain at all
  • You are the donor
  • Very simple and one-time process

With this method, your lush hair grows naturally and demands low maintenance.

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Medical Tourism eases your process:

From my personal experience, I can assure you that medical tourism is the best option to avail today. Countries like India provide top quality hair transplantation treatment to both foreigners as well as natives. Your job is to hire a reliable company providing all sorts of hair transplant solutions to people across Australia.
“Invest in your hair; it is the crown you never take off.”