Expensive hair transplant cost Australia? Check out the best alternative!

Expensive hair transplant cost Australia? Check out the best alternative!

“Do I need to undergo hair transplantation? OMG! How much do I have to spend on that?” These were the questions I threw at my husband a year back when he suggested me this surgical procedure. I was already aware of the effectiveness of this latest hair restoration technique but what bothered me was the hair transplant cost Australia.

Are you worried about the same? Well, then I shall share with you an approximate cost idea for this treatment around Australia. Probably, this will be of help.

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The truth about hair transplant cost Australia:

Yes, it is true that you might find few of those centres offering good quality hair transplantation in and around Australia. But majority of them are expensive. If you avail medical services here, you must be prepared with a good amount in your pocket.

For instance, hair transplant Melbourne cost for 1000 grafts will be around $7,150. Again for 2000 grafts, the amount would be $12,650 approximately. This price of transplantation varies according to the number of grafts.

Even if you search in the largest cities of Australia, hair transplant Sydney cost is equally higher as Melbourne.

Cost of hair transplant

“Any other alternative for hair transplant cost Australia?”

Is that what you are wondering? Well, not ‘any other’ but the best alternative is to avail hair transplantation abroad. Few overseas countries like India offer world-class solution to any kind of hair related problem. They have complete advanced infrastructural set-up along with internationally acclaimed surgeons. Even the team of attendees and practitioners are well trained to provide personalised treatments to patients.

The cost of treatment is surprisingly low in India. While hair transplant Perth cost ranges somewhere around $8 to $12 and even more, that in India would sum up between $2 and $10. The values here are based on per graft.

Additionally, you can also enjoy a short vacation in the new country, in case you are there for the first time.

How are you going to get there?

Now, that’s something to be worried about. Well, in this context let me tell you, I had finally undergone hair transplantation the previous year. I hired a reliable medical tourism company of Australia who had assisted us throughout the whole trip.

Benefits you can enjoy with medical tourism company:

These are what we benefitted from such a company  –

  • Best assess your situation and recommend you right treatment
  • Arranges for visa, flight bookings and accommodation in the foreign land
  • Fixes appointment with the best surgeon
  • No waiting time unlike Australia

Some of the trusted companies also offer free consultation to patients. They would ensure you can avail top quality treatment at a price lower than hair transplant cost Australia. Believe me; it’s extremely convenient.

Hair Transplant Abroad

As statistics say, one can save up to 75% in treatment abroad compared to that in Australia. When you have this wonderful opportunity to save your pocket, why opt for expensive options like hair transplant Sydney cost?

If you are living somewhere in Australia, find out the clinic that offers hair transplant solutions abroad and fly to get your mane back. Hope you will style your hair again!