Exclusive FUE Hair Transplant before and after results

Exclusive FUE Hair Transplant before and after results

You cannot control everything, but you can certainly control your hair. Oh! Is that going? Stop it now! Take the medical route and check out the results of FUE Hair Transplant before and after.

It was only five years back that I underwent this surgery to treat my hair loss and see how crazily these years have passed by. Honestly, I am proud of both my hair and decision now.

If you are suffering from hair loss, hair transplantation is the best way to regain. Over the years, this treatment procedure has moved from Punch Hair Transplant to Follicular Unit Hair Transplant and now Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). And with this latest technique, the ‘no visible scarring’ dream of many people have come true.

Know about Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

It is a minimally invasive method where an instrument is used, unlike traditional method, for removing the multiple groups containing one to four hairs. Your surgeon makes small and circular incision around that follicular unit in the skin and separates that area from surrounding tissues. Next, he directly extracts the unit from scalp and leaves an open hole of smaller size.
In a session, only a few hair grafts can be gathered. Hence, the process continues repeatedly till the surgeon feels he has pulled enough for the planned session. But the best part is that there won’t be any linear scar.

Fue Hair Transplant Before and After

How does a patient look before and after the treatment?

You know, before getting FUE hair transplantation, a patient looks dull and seems to be much ahead of his age. People have less hair and more scalp visibility that hampers their self-confidence and overall personality.
But after proper FUE hair transplant, a person will experience new hair visible on the areas that were previously bald and had been worked upon. Through this surgery method, you can restore your hair so naturally that it becomes a tough task for anyone to identify.
In some people, new hair will come out through their skin only after 3 to 4 months of the hair transplantation procedure. But if you follow the post-operative instructions carefully, you can see new hair growth within or after 10 days.

Important to note:

After few months of the surgery, some of your original hair might shed off before the new ones grow. This makes the transplanted area look thinner but will be efficiently corrected with growth of new hair. Some other symptoms you can expect during the post operation phase are

  • Soreness and numbness (following day of surgery)
  • Forehead swelling is possible; soreness in recipient and donor areas (Day 2-3)
  • Visible residual crusting in donor area (Day 4 – 6)
  • Areas start to appear normal (Day 10)
  • Transplanted hair starts shedding off ( End of 2nd week)
  • Resting phase of follicles (End of 1st month)
  • Original, as well as transplanted hair, begins to  grow back (2-5 months)
  • Hair grows and thickens gradually (6-9 months)
  • You need a follow-up (10th month)
  • Time to appreciate final hair (One year)
  • Volume grows; change in texture comes back to normal for natural look (1-2 years)
    That’s how you can have fully grown hair with an FUE hair transplant. Make it a point to clearly follow the care to be taken post-treatment.

Fue Hair Transplant

Pros and Cons of FUE hair transplant:

Like every treatment, FUE also has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

Starting with pros –

  • FUE is a less invasive method. Here, surrounding tissue and grafts are pulled individually. Unlike FUT, there’s no requirement of closing the wounds post extraction. So, this is a unique advantage of this technique.
  • You know, there is no linear scar produced by this hair transplant technique. Actually, the scars, in this case, are tiny white pits that are hardly visible.
  • Interestingly, with an FUE hair transplant, you can have short hair too. This is possible of the invisible scars and is highly appreciated by men. You have this option to style your hair.

Fue Hair Transplant Before and after results

  • After the FUE transplant, the time for recovery is shorter. It also causes less pain compared to the traditional method of surgery.
  • If you are having hair transplantation for the second time, FUE can also cover the left over scars from previous treatment that was not conducted properly.
  • Also, if you have a greater risk of scarring, this latest technique can be the preferred method for you.
  • Considering all these benefits of FUE Hair Transplant before and after treatment, this method is availed by young patients mostly.
  • They require less number of grafts and obviously don’t want visible scars.
  • One more thing that my doctor informed me while on medication few years back is that this instrument based treatment is best suitable for eyebrow construction and other such specialized procedures where less scarring is required.

Now, the cons –

Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant is a time consuming method. Since individual grafts are extracted, so the process has to be repeated till the desired volume. And, this whole thing takes time.

Grafts extracted by this method are comparatively thinner. Thus, as few surgeons say, this thin nature might affect the total yield.
Another disadvantage is that, this method is a bit expensive. But, from my own experience, I would say, the results are worth the cost if done by an experienced surgeon. And for the other cons, they are minimal compared to the benefits you’ll get from FUE Hair Transplant before and after.

Fly overseas:

Your worry regarding the expense is justified. Indeed, the cost is higher in Australia, but you can’t regain your lost confidence without those beautiful hairs, can you? So, what’s the alternative?

Fly Overseas

There are countries like India where you can get superior quality hair transplantation from top-notch surgeons at a surprisingly lesser cost. Today, majority of patients are flying overseas to get the best treatment done. You too have this option open anytime. Just contact the right medical tourism company and avail the best doctors for exclusive FUE Hair Transplant before and after consequences.

“Flaunt your pride in those hairs.”

FUE Hair Transplant

What’s the wait for now? Amaze your friends with FUE Hair Transplant before and after results.

Exclusive FUE Hair Transplant before and after results
You cannot control everything, but you can certainly control your hair. Take the medical route & check the results of FUE Hair Transplant before and after.
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