Does Rogaine work for Hair Loss in Men?

Does Rogaine work for Hair Loss in Men?

Dealing with hair loss is a huge problem. Men do not like to project their insecurities and especially when their confidence resides in their hair, it can pose to be a huge problem. So, if you are one of them, you might be looking at random options of hair loss treatment for men to get back your glorious crown. However, you do not want to waste your time or money on useless and rumored treatments that only work for a handful, do you?

When looking for options, you must have heard about Rogaine or Minoxidil, and how it has helped many to regain their crown back. Fact is, it worked for some and for others it didn’t. Do you want to know the actual truth behind this? Well, for starters, you need to understand the difference in pattern baldness for men and women.

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How is hair loss different for men and women?

Men and women are both suspect to Androgenetic Alopecia, commonly known as pattern baldness.  However, it is more prevalent and obvious in men. The AR gene increases the activity of the androgen receptors due to androgens like DHT which is a by-product of testosterone. This shrinks the follicles making it less likely for a healthy growth of hair and thus causing hair loss in men.

During puberty, hormones rage and in men all the more so. Hence, baldness is experienced in teens as well. In men, this happens in the form of a receding hairline which becomes pronounced due to age whereas women experience thinning of hair.


Does Rogaine actually work?

One of the most popular forms of men hair loss treatment which is also used by women is Rogaine. Rogaine has been used for a long time and has been put through several clinical trials to prove how effective it is to treat hair loss in men.

Rogaine is known as a vasodilator which was previously used to treat high blood pressure. It is known to widen the blood vessels allowing blood to flow easily, without much resistance. While for some, it has worked and proved to be a miracle drug, however, many researchers believe that it barely solves the problem of hair loss in men.

It does slow the advancement of hair loss; but however, as a hair loss treatment for men, it barely controls the hormone responsible for it and shows temporary results. However, if you are on some other therapy to treat hair loss, you can simply add this to your regime as stated by the AHLA.

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How does Rogaine work?

As such, the functions of Rogaine have not been completely understood. According to reports, it is assumed that when Rogaine is taken as solution for men hair loss treatment, it widens the blood vessels which allow nutrients to enter the follicle.  This allows shrunken follicles to regenerate and stimulates them allowing growth of thicker strands of hair. However, Rogaine obviously is unequipped to mitigate the hormones responsible for male baldness.

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How much does it cost?

As a men hair loss treatment, Rogaine is relatively low priced and costs around $30 a bottle.

The problem with Rogaine is that the results are temporary and if you stop applying it, your hair will return back to its normal cycle without any improvement. Also, there’s this problem of remembering when to apply it. With the kind of hassle involved and the temporary results that it showcases, you might want to explore other better alternatives for hair loss treatment for men.

Know other options for hair loss in men:

Have you ever given surgery a thought? How about hair transplant? This is absolutely safe and performed by expert doctors who are specialized in it.

There are non-surgical options available as well. For men who are scared of going under the knife, there are options such as PRP therapy that will help you combat hair loss.

However, if you worried about the cost associated with it, there’s a solution for that too. Many are opting for a medical tourism company that allows them to undergo proper treatments abroad, in places like India, at a really low cost but with the same quality service.

All the arrangements will be done by the company – appointments, traveling arrangements, etc. You can get treated as well as travel and explore around a bit as well! It’s wiser to go for permanent solutions, isn’t it?

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Does Rogaine work for Hair Loss in Men?
Does Rogaine work for Hair Loss in Men?
Rogaine is known as a vasodilator which was previously used to treat high blood pressure. Know whether it works for Hair Loss in Men.