Does FUE make hair transplant look scar free and natural? FAQs!

Does FUE make hair transplant look scar free and natural? FAQs!

“It looks so real because it actually is”. I am talking about the lost hair that you can restore back effectively through hair restoration process. Yes, the idea of going under the surgeon’s knife to deal with baldness arouses many questions and doubts in your mind. But you can rest assure to have successful FUE hair transplant results and enjoy it for lifetime.

Around 70% of people (men and women) around the world are dealing with this major-common problem of hair fall. It can affect anyone at any age, regardless of status, affluence or anything – putting a large impact on everyday life, agree? Well, after striving for years, experts have come up with this latest FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction procedure.
“FUE maximizes restoration and minimizes inconvenience.”

fue hair transplant scar free

FUE hair transplant results – Questions popping up in your mind

  • Will there be scars post-surgery?
    No! FUE is more acceptable today because of its no scar feature. Wondering how come? Well, I’ll explain you this surgical procedure in brief.

FUE surgical technique –

During this procedure, the surgeon takes follicular units individually from the donor area and harvests one by one in the recipient site. The instrument used is a small punch of .7 – 1 mm. It will reach out to your soft tissue surrounding the follicles for extraction. However, the small opening left behind will heal quickly within few days making the scar gradually undetectable.

This is a multiple step, less invasive procedure where no stitches or staples are required. Hence, unlike the FUT procedure, FUE does not leave any scars behind. Best part is, once you come out of the clinic, none can guess you’ve undergone hair transplantation.

Time to experiment with any styling – short shiny or long shimmering hair!

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Will I get natural results?

Any artificial process of hair growth raises doubt on its results. But a major benefit with FUE is that this surgical procedure assures you hair growth which is absolutely natural.

Let’s rewind this advanced technique of hair restoration once again. As your own healthy follicles are harvested in the affected area of your scalp, hair restores through a natural growth cycle. So, you can surely expect completely natural results.

Other FAQs on FUE hair transplant:

What is recovery period for FUE hair transplant?

Being a less invasive method, FUE hair transplant recovery is much faster than any other hair restoration technique. Immediately after the surgery, you will be instructed not to perform any strenuous job.
By the end of 1st month, your follicles will be in the resting stage and don’t be scared with the same look you had before surgery. New shining permanent hair will start growing then after, usually from the 2nd month.
Between 6th and 9th month, your new hair will gradually thicken and you can confidently groom it. However, make sure to consult with your surgeon. 80% – 90% of outcome will be seen in the 10th month.
Finally, after 1 year; it’s time to appreciate your decision of undergoing FUE transplantation. New hair will perfectly blend with the existing ones and you can sport natural looking mane. Hence, be patient and give at least a year for complete FUE hair transplant recovery.


What is FUE hair transplants cost?

If you avail this technique in Australia, charges per graft will cost you starting from around $6 to $30. Yes! I know charges are quite high. Even if you see the amounts in UK or USA, they are £2.50 to £5.50 and $8 to $9.50 (approx.) respectively.

Is there any alternative?

Well, you can definitely fly abroad to avail affordable treatment in countries like India or Thailand. The FUE hair transplants cost in overseas countries is around AUD 2.20 per graft.

Don’t assume it’s another big hassle I am recommending you, believe me. To ease up the whole process, you can hire a company conducting medical tours for us Australians. Their collaborations with the top rated hospitals abroad will help you access the best surgeons much conveniently. So, as your hair is shedding off, get the most effective FUE hair transplant results overseas.
Say ‘NO’ to bad hair day! Let the breeze play with your locks!