Doctor or Technician: Who’s better in working with FUE Hair Transplant Technology?

Doctor or Technician: Who’s better in working with FUE Hair Transplant Technology?

FUE hair transplant technology – Grow back your confidence! Yes, absolutely your physical appearance provides a lot of boosting regarding confidence. You will often notice, no matter what attire we wear, every time walking out of our house, we specifically give some time to make the perfect hairstyle. I have personally noticed this and realized, hair is a very important aspect to enhance your looks.

But if you are suffering from baldness, all these might just go away. However as we all know, FUE has revolutionized the entire concept and now, hair fall or baldness is not a problem. It is just a situation that can be overcome very easily with latest, advanced technology. Now, the question remains; who will do that – a doctor or a technician?

FUE hair transplant Doctor

Before coming to any conclusion, first, let’s see the role each of them plays.

FUE hair transplant doctor

Visiting a doctor or a dermatologist for hair transplant means, you will be given proper medical terms with information about the procedure. Then, they will examine which part requires the hair transplant, how much area needs to be covered and checking or analyzing the donor zone.

Another important aspect that FUE hair transplant surgeon provides is medicines pre and post-surgery for better healing, recovering and result. Their excellent guidance will help you to understand the entire process more in depth and with better quality.

FUE hair technician

Hair technicians are the players of this process. They work like a catalyst and provide the following service to make the process go smoothly.

  • Trimming of hair and preparing the area for transplant
  • They take the active tissues from donor zone
  • Preparing the follicles
  • After that, they make the needle insertion to the area prepared for grafting

FUE hair transplant

This is a major part they play as, if they don’t prepare the area and tissue properly, new hair will not grow effectively. However, this entire process is done under the supervision of a certified surgeon.

Why is FUE hair transplant surgeon more important?

It is a very valid question that we usually have in our minds. Here is your answer:

  • Technicians are not the people who can recommend a procedure
  • Doctors will perform tests to determine the best thing that is suitable for a patient
  • Technicians cannot prescribe medicines
  • Doctors determine how much anesthesia a patient requires
  • In times of complication, it is only possible for an expert and experienced FUE hair transplant doctor to take care of that situation. In short, doctors are the ones who can take any sort of risks.
  • Moreover, they will give you the list of dos and don’ts that are imperative to know.
  • For post-surgery treatment, only doctors are equipped with proper knowledge and devices.

fue hair transplant procedure

It is quite clear that doctors are important for this procedure and we cannot directly go to a technician. But both are efficient in working with this latest technology.

Now that you have a vivid knowledge about whom you need to go first, I don’t see any point of waiting further. Get your hair transplantation done in countries overseas to avail, not only high quality facilities but also at extremely low cost.

So instead of spending tons in Australia, go for a better treatment scheme with trusted medical tourism companies. You can try India, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia for availing this treatment now with all assistance from such companies. This way, you can get the best out of FUE hair transplant technology. Plan for your treatment today!