Cost of Hair Transplant

You would need to look at Cost of hair transplant in Sydney, Cost of hair transplant Melbourne, Cost of Hair transplant Brisbane, Cost of hair transplant Adelaide and cost of hair transplant in Perth. The cost range for a F.U.E. hair transplant in all these areas can be between $6-$25 depending on the surgeon and the location.

Now lets compare it to the cost of hair transplant in India.

Find Out Our Hair Transplant Cost

Consultation fee


Scalp Grafts Restoration

AUD appx 1.90 -2.15 (Per Graft) *

Body Grafts Restoration

AUD appx 3.67 -3.89 (Per Graft) *

Post- Procedure Charges

AUD appx 120 (Only for Standard Package, Premium Package Free Kit)

Lab Charges

Standard Fee ( Only for Standard Package, Premium Package No Lab Charges )

Travel Cost

AUD appx 0.54 Per KM (Only for Standard Package, Premium Package Free )

Date Block Fee

$500 AUD (Both Packages)- Adjusted to the final invoice

Service Tax


Technologies / Technique

Sterilized Harris Punch (Premium Package Get New Imported Harris punch)

FUE Hair Transplant Cost

Appx AUD 2.20 per scalp graft With Tax (Standard Package)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy Cost

INR 12,000 per session

Men & Women Hair Transplant

Same Charges Applicable FUE Hair Transplant Techniques (Both Packages)

Treatment Finance

Yes Available From MacCredit

Payment options

Net Banking / CASH

  • 15% service tax extra
  • Currency exchange rate fluctuations applied for both Packages and treatment cost.
  • A graft containing 1 to 4 hair, the number of grafts required depend on patient’s scalp affected area.

To get a full picture of the cost you would not only need to look at the cost of treatment but also travel cost. All these components have been explained in detail below.

  • Hair Transplant Procedure- The cost of hair transplant procedure will depend on the number of grafts you need. You would need to send the pictures of your scalp in order for a surgeon to assess the grafts you need. The cost per scalp graft starts from $2.00.
  • Flights- The cost of flying to India can be anywhere between $600- $1400 (return flight) depending on what time of the year you would like to travel and how early you book your flights.
  • Accomodation- Hotels are very reasonably priced in India. You can choose your stay at a 5 star hotel or otherwise a decent 3 star hotel near the clinic would cost between $35-$40 per day (Breakfast and Wi-Fi included)
  • Visa- You would need a medical visa to travel to India for your Hair Transplant. You would need to send us the following information for the medical treatment invitation letter.
  1. Name as it appears on the passport
  2. Passport no.
  3. Nationality
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Place of birth
  6. Address
  7. Dates of travel for medical treatment
  8. A scanned copy of his passport.
  • AIRPORT TRANSFERS- The cost for one way airport transfer is between $60-$70. We have our own car and English speaking driver who can assist you through your travel.

Other Factors To be Considered Before getting F.U.E. Hair Transplant

Although the cost of getting a F.U.E. hair transplant is important factor in making a decision  there are a few very important components that needs to be considered before you decide to go ahead for your hair transplant overseas.
  • REVIEWS OF THE F.U.E. Hair Transplant SURGEON- Choosing the right surgeon is the most important step in the process of getting a F.U.E. Hair transplant done overseas. Not only should you look at the credentials of a surgeon but also his experience and the reviews of the past patients.
  • SAFETY OF THE COUNTRY: If you choose a surgeon who is not based in Australia and you need to travel overseas to get your hair transplant procedure it is very important to check whether the country you are planning to go is safe to travel.