Hair Transplant procedures in India are at par with techniques used in the best centers the world over. Due to various reasons like cheaper licensing, cheaper trained labor and less stringent labor laws, hair transplant is much more affordable in India than in USA, Australia, etc. Though there are varieties of hair transplant techniques available around the world, but it is not affordable for all people as hair transplant surgeries are quite expensive. Before knowing what will be the cost of your hair transplant procedure,

You must know the procedure of and steps required as put forward by your consultant or doctor.

Hair loss may make you look older than you really are and it does affect your social standing, confidence and personality. To overcome that, hair transplantation is used to bring back your hair to grow back and your confidence. But with slowdown in economy, it has become tough for most of the people across the globe to afford it. Medical Tourism is what most people look forward to to reduce their cost along with a holiday.

From last few years India has been the new Mecca for hair transplant treatment as it provides quality services and medical care at reasonable prices. Due to these reasons people suffering from hair loss are looking forward to India. This great demand has lead to the large number of hair transplant procedures being done in the India.

People across the world prefer Indian doctors as they are considered as the most skilled doctors in the world. Rates in India for hair transplantation are low, reasonable and competitive as compared to the rest of the world. The cost effectiveness for hair transplant in India is because hiring is available at reasonable prices and cost of equipments and disposables is cheaper as compared to other countries, which seems much less when compared in dollars.

Many Hair transplant centers across the globe charge average $ 3-10 per follicular unit in US dollars for FUT(follicular unit transplantation) method and $ 5 to 20 in US dollars for FUE(follicular unit extraction). In India, however, we can avail you the same high class hair transplantation surgery at phenomenally low rates- average
1 dollar for FUT(follicular unit transplantation) and average 3 dollar for FUE(follicular unit extraction). Along with the treatment cost, good quality accommodation, travel charge and other living expense is much lesser if compared to other countries abroad.

Cost effectiveness is not the only factor that should be considered when you think of hair transplantation surgery in India. Certain doctors are considered the most skilled in the world for FUE hair transplant. For clients from English speaking countries India is the natural choice since English is spoken and understood widely.

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