Cost of hair transplant

The average cost of hair transplant in Australia can range anywhere between $6 per graft to $30 per graft. There can be a huge variation in the hair transplant cost in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth depending on the location of hair transplant, surgeon’s qualification and experience in this field. For free consultation and quotation for getting a hair transplant procedure done in Australia please kindly contact us directly.

Hair Transplant Cost in India

We also offer hair transplant options overseas. The hair transplant cost in India is very reasonable if we look at the experience and qualification of the FUE surgeon performing the hair transplant procedure. In order to get the exact cost of hair transplant we would need to evaluate your medical history and your scalp condition. The hair transplant cost also takes into account - who's your doctor, where you are being operated, hair thinning and balding stage and how critical is the procedure. Once we get this information we would be able to determine the cost of your hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplantation Cost in India will also depend on the package you choose. We have explained you below in detail about our hair transplant cost & packages.

Hair Transplant Cost & Packages

There are 2 types of FUE packages available to choose from. Although the choice for the selection of package depends on each individual circumstances and their budget we recommend taking premium package as new imported Harris punch is used in this package and also the medical kit in included in the price of the package.

Please see below details of the our Standard package and Premium package for getting FUE surgery in India.

Cost of Hair Transplant - Standard Package

INR 89.0 (AUD 1.90)
  • INR 89* for scalp grafts (which is appx 1.90 AUD)
  • INR 169* for body grafts(which is appx AUD 3.67) effective for bookings after Feb 1, 2015.
  • Under this package 85% of the work is done by Dr Bhatti (100% counseling, 100% anesthesia administration, 100% harvesting, 100% slit making)
  • Used but completely sterilized Harris punch used under this package.
  • Patients need to pay INR 5600 for Post- procedure care kit cost
  • Standard Lab test charges
  • Charge for car pick up and drop in from your hotel to our office in Chandigarh @ INR 27 per Km.

Cost of Hair Transplant - Premium Package

INR 99.00(AUD 2.15)
  • INR 99* for scalp grafts (which is appx AUD 2.15)
  • INR 179* for body grafts (which is appx AUD 3.89) effective for bookings after Feb 1, 2014.
  • Under this package 85% of the work is done by Dr Bhatti (100% counseling, 100% anesthesia administration, 100% harvesting, 100% slit making)
  • Completely new imported Harris punch are used under this package
  • No Lab Charges
  • free post care kit (valued at $120 AUD) provided to the patients.
  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel to our Chandigarh office is complimentary.
    • *15.0 % service tax extra (applicable to hair transplants since September 2009)
    • Prices displayed in AUD subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The exchange rate on the day the advance payment is made will be used to calculate the per graft rate in AUD.
    • Payments by cheques/ checks are NOT accepted. Online transfers are accepted 2 weeks in advance only and the money should be in the bank before commencement of the procedure.
    • $500 AUD will be required to officially block the date with Dr. Bhatti. This advance will not be refunded and forfeited in case of any cancellation 2 weeks prior to the procedure.

Cost of Hair Transplant Revision

In surgical hair transplant, the most expensive procedure could be the revision of hair transplant. It takes more work to correct a poor hair transplant result than starting with the primary hair transplant procedure. That is why the surgeon can charge more for this, and the Revision Hair Transplant Cost would also depend on the amount of work that needs to be done.
There is no specific cost for hair transplant revisions because this will be decided during the consultation. That is why it is important to invest on a good hair transplant surgeon at the beginning in order to avoid revision procedures later on.

Hair Transplant is something that completes your personality and boosts your self-esteem. And, we can assure you that whatever you are willing to spend is worth it.

Compared to the hair transplant cost in Australia our cost is very affordable. We even have EMI options available. We have Medical Finance services by MacCredit, which will help you to manage funds for your treatment. Our team is available 24*7 on our live chat. To know more about our hair transplant cost & procedures, fill the Inquiry Form and make an appointment with us or call us on +61401850667 /+61422409456