Hair Transplant surgery is a big step towards getting your lost hair back and along with it, your confidence. So after the successful completion of your surgery, you are advised some steps and instructions to follow so that the post treatment care can be taken.

Every case is different, so consider taking proper advice from your surgeon. What may be unique in your medical case may not apply to other patients. Ask the clinic consultants to make you familiar with post surgery care before the surgery only, so that you are acquainted with the steps before hand and have time to prepare yourself for it.

The most important hair transplantation steps are:

Keep your head and scalp clean. Keeping the scalp free from dust, pollution, oil will help in maintaining cleaner skin which is essential in the recovery phase. Proper hygiene should be maintained so that the new grafts can breathe and natural hair grows sooner.

Right after surgery, sleeping might be difficult as you would be advised to keep your head elevated. For 3 days following the surgery, you have to sleep upright or in sitting position to avoid unnecessary swelling and for better healing. Using two or more pillows is the best option to sleep. Mild forehead swelling after the surgery is absolutely normal and you don’t need to worry about it. It will start disappearing after 2-3 days post surgery.

For one week after your surgery, you should avoid engaging in any physical activities. Physical activity like exercise and sports increases the blood flow to muscles, which is not advisable. Also venturing out in the sun leads to sweating which is a major hygiene concern, as sweating increases the risk of infection. Along with this, you are also advised to avoid excessive smoking and drinking, because their consumption would also lead to increased blood flow, which as stated above, could harm hair growth.

Hence, all in all, you should maintain a proper hygiene cycle to quicken the recovery period. Keep the area of your scalp clean and don’t do anything which is not advised by the doctor. Also it may take almost a fortnight before you can socialize without a head cover- bandana, hat, etc. The crusts take that much time to come off.

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