BTOB’s Peniel talks about his hair loss and his solution!

BTOB’s Peniel talks about his hair loss and his solution!

BTOB’s Peniel, the K-pop idol, five years back when he was on air for KBS 2TV’s ‘Hello Counselor’ was hiding a secret from the world – Hair Fall to baldness. No, it was certainly not a new punk style that he was pulling off as it was very well known to all that how particular he was and is about this hairstyles. He suffered from severe hair loss problem which was more than just genetic.

To start with, he once clearly mentioned, “I was getting extremely tensed for the condition of losing hair. It was not something usual for me and certainly not genetic. With a span of a year, I lost 70% of my hair, and it was happening from different parts of my body. And all of this was happening due to extreme stress.”

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Yes, if you think that hair loss due to stress happens only to people like us, then it is very wrong notion. 67% of the time, stress plays a significant role in initiating hair fall issues.

How did he get over the hair fall issue?

Now, after 5 years of this issue, BTOB’s Peniel is back in the news again, and this time it is for all the right reasons. Yes, he wanted to share his journey which is extremely motivating to several people. What he was suffering from is Alopecia Areata, which can happen to both men and women. The only problem is, if you don’t take preventive steps in time, it can make you go seriously bald.

Hence, the best way to sort this issue is by opting for hair transplantation. With this, you can now deal with the hair fall in an appropriate manner. If you are not much aware of this process, here are few facts that will help you.

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5 must know about hair transplantation

Amidst the several myths regarding hair fall and treatment, hair transplantation will leave you with a sense of satisfaction as it truly works!

1. It is a surgical process that will help you to get back hair permanently.

2. There is a success rate of 94.7%.

3. No matter how many hair drafts you do, there will not be any lack of the blood supply.

4. It is not only suitable for people like you (around 25 to 30 years old) but also for older men.

5. Both males and females can get some stunning results from hair plantation.

With all these facts, it is for sure that you too want to opt for this. If BTOB’s Peniel can, then why can’t you? Know the best place and way to solve this issue here.

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Hair Transplant in Abroad – The best solution for your hair loss treatment

When it comes to medical treatment in Australia, most of the people fail to afford it. But that should not stop you from getting that gorgeous hair back. This is why you should opt for Hair Transplant Abroad. With them, you will get the best treatment from medically advanced Asian countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. There you will have high-tech facilities and expert medical team to get you a perfect hair loss solution.

Instead of waiting anymore, go and get your hair back in overseas clinics now!