“Life isn’t perfect; but your hair certainly can be.” So, why give up before trying?

After those horrific hair loss stories, it’s time for you to take up the challenge and get yourself treated with hair transplant overseas. Millions of people today who have lost all possible hopes are flying abroad for the ultimate solution.

With all benefits of going overseas, out of those qualified countries worldwide, India is best for the purpose.

Why do we recommend FUE Hair Transplant in India?

India is considered to be one of the competent countries for getting hair transplantation done successfully. Have a look at the other features:

FUE Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft in India

  • Surgeons in India are more qualified and skilled than those in Australia or any other country.
  • Even nurses, technicians, physicians, clinic co-coordinators, attendants are all well trained.
  • Advanced standard method for hair transplantation.
  • State-of-the-art technology for the finest solution.
  • Surgery done under complete safety measures.
  • There’s no waiting time unlike home country.
  • No communication issue as everyone there is well versed in English.
  • And the most important reason is that cost of hair transplant treatment is surprisingly less compared to any other developed nations.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost in India

FUE Hair Transplant Cost Idea:

The cost of hair transplantation is generally evaluated as per grafts. Check out the value per graft in some top countries –







Per graft cost

$6 to $30

£2.50 to £5.50

$8 to $9.50


$2.00 to $10

The whole process is cost-effective and thereby save a good amount of money. So, you’ll get the finest cure in India at this budget. Adding to this; our company has tied up with the most qualified and experienced surgeon in the whole South Asia – Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, presently practicing in India.

FUE Hair Transplant India

Get introduced to Dr. Tejinder Bhatti

Hair Transplant India - Dr. Tejinder Bhatti

If you’ve searched a little about hair transplant in India, you must have come across Dr. Bhatti’s name quite a time. He is a pioneer with a great contribution in the field of hair transplant surgery. Apart from this, he has many golden feathers in his cap;

  • Expertise in plastic surgery and FUE hair transplantation.
  • Offered training to hair transplantation students of London, Detroit, Denver and Kentucky.
  • ‘Darling Buds’ – having a modern laboratory with most up-to-date FUE equipment, Dr. Bhatti working closely with the institution.
  • Appointed as the examiner for Board Certification of Plastic Surgery.
  • Honoured as the Ambassador of FUE Europe Society.

These are a few to mention about him. We are fortunate to have associated with Dr. Tejinder Bhatti for ensuring your best hair transplant results.

Holidaying in India

Getting a little extra is no bad, agree? By sending you to India for medication, we also let you rejuvenate in the culturally diverse land. You can enjoy a short vacation in the new country that rightly boasts of its history, culture, nature’s contribution, morality and much more.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost per graft in India

In a nutshell, With us, you can avail the finest and superior quality medication from the best surgeon at minimum cost added with a short trip. If you go through hair transplant reviews, you can see how many people have benefited permanently from India and specifically Dr. Bhatti. “Be your own kind of beautiful.” Feel free to contact us for any query or to start with the procedure. Helping you would be our happiness!

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