A complete women’s guide for hair loss treatment with causes

A complete women’s guide for hair loss treatment with causes

It’s nothing uncommon that women silently suffer from hair loss problem. Where style extensively defines a woman’s personality, hair loss leads them to change their style for covering up those thinning patches.

Since you have landed up in this article, you might have been suffering from the same problem perhaps. Don’t be depressed, here’s a women’s guide for hair loss treatment.

As records say, 60% of those ladies above 70 and 5% above 30 are affected by this problem. And obviously, there’s a way out. But before that, you must know about the most common women hair loss form.


It’s female-pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, that is genetic and inherited from the either parent. It is a strong component and can start from a very young age, may be from late teens. If that’s the case, then chances are it would result in a severe problem over years.

According to Dr. Michael Reed, an experienced dermatologist, “Hair loss causes a loss of style sense in women. Not only that, but it also robs of her sense of security and self-esteem. The results can be devastating.”

Androgenic Alopecia is the reason for 90% of women’s hair loss. As it is caused because of strong genetic components, it doesn’t respond to any change in diet.

Other causes of hair loss:

Before you start with the treatment, it is important to track the cause of your hair fall. Listing out some of the other reasons –

Anabolic steroids: If you are under the influence of anabolic steroids, your hair loss might be the result of its intake. Clearly the reason for this problem is your diet and not genes.

Deficiency in nutrition: As nutritional deficiency can affect your whole system, why do the hairs be exceptions? Deficiency in minerals, vitamins or even vital fatty acids can lead to hair fall issues.

Stress: If you are not happy from within, your body will speak out. That can be a case for women’s hair loss if they are stressed. Any such emotional situation has the power to weaken proper functioning of your hair follicles. A therapist can help you out here.

Fungal infections: Not only fungal infection but also other skin problems can cause hair fall in women. One of the most common and contagious fungal infections is ringworm. Take preventive measures immediately as you detect it.


Other than these, hormonal imbalance, improper hair treatment and care, influence of certain drugs, regular habits like smoking can be the causes.

However treating hair loss in women is not a task impossible at all, so just relax. Now that you know the causes, look forward to getting the best treatment.

Hair loss treatment for women

Let me tell you that few year back; I was myself a victim of this hair loss problem. The effects it had on me were like –

  • Upsetting the body image and overall appearance
  • Losing youth appeal
  • Severe impact on emotions
  • Lowering self-confidence and destroying personality
  • Ultimately destroying the quality of life

What affects more in women is that unlike men, we easily go complete bald at all areas – top, back, front. So, it’s important to consult the doctor at the earliest. To treat this, surgeons worldwide are taking the FUE hair transplantation technique.

Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation:

This is the latest, advanced and highly accepted method for treating hair loss in women. I have undergone this method for only getting best natural results. The process includes harvesting of individual grafts of 1 to 4 hairs per session. Although the process is a bit time consuming, honestly, in my case it took 8 hours, but you’ll get fastest recovery with almost no pain.

Another unique feature of this treatment is that you can again style your hair keeping it short. Fearing about scars? Well, they are tiny white pours barely visible. When lots of men are keeping short hair at the back after undergoing this surgical method, why can’t you flaunt yours?

Believe that hair loss treatment for women is easy!


Overseas would be the best option:

Yes, flying overseas is what the majority is doing to treat women hair loss. Why? Well, getting an FUE hair transplant is expensive in Australia, sometimes unaffordable for your estimated budget. But countries especially India offers this same treatment at an affordable rate.

To give you an instance, while the cost of per graft ranges from $6 to $30 in Australia, the same ranges from $2 to $10 in India. Surprised? That’s actually the case, you know, why so many people are flying there.
Moreover, the country has world class infrastructure, top-notch surgeons, qualified and well-trained attendees, and much more for treating hair loss in women. Besides, price of fooding and lodging is also extremely reasonable. You just need to hire the right medical tourism company to guide you all through.


Women hair loss is a serious but certainly not an incurable problem. “Let the mystery of your hair prevail.” So, get treated at the earliest.