7 Unknown Ways You are Probably Initiating Hair Loss!

7 Unknown Ways You are Probably Initiating Hair Loss!

“I get up in the morning, comb my hair, I put oil every week, regularly maintain a routine of shampooing and conditioning; yet, the hair loss problem is persisting.”

Do you find this issue relatable? Then you might be unknowingly triggering hair fall. So, what could be those unknown reasons? There is not 1 or 2; but, 7 different reasons which can pile up together and result in hair fall.



Firstly, Stress is a hair killer!

How much harm is stress bringing on your hair?
Check some statistics – Each year, over 200,000 cases are diagnosed with hair fall issues where the cause is stress. Too much of mental strain and tiredness results in a hormonal imbalance in the body, initiating thinning of hair.

Initially, it starts as a temporary problem known as telogen effluvium; however, it can quickly develop as alopecia.

How to resolve the issue?
As per Hair Transplant Results India, it is best to try meditation, yoga and natural remedies to reduce stress and treat the hair fall issue along with it.

Secondly, Thyroid imbalance.

Thyroid imbalance is a curse to your lovely body. This is more prevalent for people with hyperactive thyroid gland. This results in superfast metabolism which does not let the nutrients reach your hair and results in hair loss.

The best hair fall remedy to this problem is to get men or women hair transplant from certified hair expert. Also, don’t neglect the thyroid issue and get the treatment done soon!

Thirdly, Pattern baldness.

It’s a genetic problem targeting both men and women. According to American Hair Loss Association, by the age of 30, 45% of men and 22% – 27% of women fall prey of pattern baldness.

Scared that your hair loss can be for the same reason? Don’t worry; advanced women’s and men’s hair transplant surgery like FUE can solve this and other hair fall problems well.

Fourthly, Eating habit.

If you think your habit of calorie counting is helping to shed weight, you are right! However, it is also contributing to hair loss. Yes, you heard it right. Constant dieting and the yo-yo effect is a curse to your hair. It creates lack of nutrients supply and lot of hormonal dis-balance.
Did you know women are the maximum victims of this problem? So, if you are on a diet and not taking enough supplements, it is time to treat yourself properly and stop hair loss.

Fifthly, Styling.

Blow-dry, hair spray, straightening, curling, colouring…. The list goes on! However, this can damage your hair very well. First, it all starts with dryness and fizziness, then, it moves on to split ends, and finally, the luscious hair is gone.

unknown ways of hair loss


How to recover from this? Stop using excessive heat; to get back the hair in shape again, go for treatment.

Sixthly, Autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune diseases weaken the body and have a terrible effect on hair too. Due to the constant dose of medicines, it makes the body weak and causes several imbalances. This results in significant hair loss.

How to treat the issue? Stop thinking….

Get FUE, the most successful women’s and men’s hair transplant surgery to improve hair density.

Seventhly, Aging.

You thought age only accounts for loose skin? No, it also contributes enough to hair loss. After 35 years of age, people tend to lose hair, which can further cause baldness.

However, the easy way to stop this is by getting the appropriate treatment done.



So, what are these hair fall remedies and treatment all about? The answer is Hair transplantation overseas helps to grow your hair back under the able supervision of the best doctors.

It’s time to say no to all hair fall problems and avail medical tourism services for the best men and women hair transplant!

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