7 foods as baldness solutions to promote thick hair growth

7 foods as baldness solutions to promote thick hair growth

‘Skip that; eat this!’ Wondering why I am bringing to you food suggestions? Well, that’s because to prevent hair fall and baldness, you need to make changes in your diet. Somebody rightly said, “Being healthy from inside is the permanent solution to all problems.” According to experts, your food is the most important baldness treatment.

Seeing strands of hair in the comb is no excitement. Taking that casually might result in severe hair loss that often leads to baldness in both male and female. Before the condition goes to the extreme, research recommends you to make dietary changes and thicken the lustrous tresses.

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Fill your plate with these 7 baldness solutions

Certain foods are rich in nutrients that promote hair growth successfully. Giving you the list here:

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is rich in PUFAs (Polyunsaturated fatty acids), omega-3, iron, zinc, fiber. All these are highly effective in stimulating thick hair growth and preventing male or female pattern baldness.

2. Eggs

Have more of eggs; these will encourage hair growth for their rich vitamin B content. Biotin is an agent for growth of your thick, healthy and shiny hair.

As my nutritionist said, eggs also promote weight loss and strengthen your brittle fingernails.

3. Greek yogurt

Try some Greek yogurt. Rich in pantothenic acid or B5 Vitamin, this is another delicious food to include in your diet for baldness treatment. This vitamin promotes blood flow to your scalp that further stimulates the follicles to grow healthier.

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4. Liver

Ah! I love having liver. Although it might not be too appetizing for you, liver has an abundance of iron. Deficiency of this mineral in your body will cause your hair to shed off.

5. Spinach

Remember, Popeye who made spinach so famous? Now, it’s your turn to embrace the goodness of spinach. This leafy vegetable is highly beneficial for your tresses. Not only does it contains iron, but also it has sebum that does natural conditioning of your hair.

Apart from this, spinach has an abundance of potassium, magnesium, omega-3 acids and calcium. It is one of the best baldness solutions for you.

6. Salmon

You know what the doctor told me? “You will have shiny, thick hair if you take salmon.” Well, there’s a lot of improvement indeed.

Salmon is filled with omega-3 acids that enable follicles to grow healthier. Insulin resistance has always been associated with male or female pattern baldness. In this context, salmon consumptions at least 3 times a week helps our body to process more insulin.


7. Sweet potatoes

These are rich in antioxidant beta-carotene and our body converts it into Vitamin A. It promotes cell functioning, protects scalp oil and smoothes our skin.

What if male pattern baldness is genetic?

When you are suffering from male pattern baldness genetics, it’s better to see the doctor and get proper treatment. Hair transplantation has proved itself to be extremely successful in regrowing natural hair.

Overseas countries like India or Thailand have doctors and necessary infrastructure to treat extreme cases of baldness. You can hire a medical tourism company in Australia who will arrange everything for your trip – starting from an appointment with the best doctor to providing you with aftercare treatment.

Be it female and male pattern baldness genetics, or some other cause, hair transplant technique can bring back your natural hair effectively.

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Begin the preventive measures right from your home!