4 major tips and more on selecting your best hair transplant doctor

4 major tips and more on selecting your best hair transplant doctor

I agree, baldness is one of the most pathetic experiences one can go through and you are presently suffering from the same. It will make you self-conscious and you can feel ashamed to go out and meet people. But this cannot continue for lifetime, isn’t it? Once my husband too went into a depression for his male pattern baldness and after a thorough research, I came up with this solution of going to a hair transplant doctor.

Hair transplantation is, presently, the most advanced and effective solution for restoring your natural hair, regardless of gender. I am sure you must be aware of this surgical procedure. But to have a successful treatment, it is imperative to have a doctor who is qualified and experienced.

Hair Transplant Surgeons

From my personal experience, here are some tips for you to choose the best hair transplant surgeon. Scroll down!

How to know your hair transplant doctor is reliable?

1. Experience has no substitute:

Working in a particular area like hair transplantation for years is the greatest benefit a patient can have. While you select, check out how many years of experience is he having. Make sure to know about his success rate.

2. What’s his qualification?

Find out what is the qualification of your surgeon and the credentials he has. Qualified doctors have certifications mainly from International Medical Sciences Academy, International College of Surgery and others. You can go through the profiles to know.

Also, check out if he has memberships in various organizations related to hair transplantation like International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (USA), Association of Asian Hair Restoration Surgeons, etc. These will ensure the credibility and reliability of your doctor.

3. Surgical procedure they follow:

Success of your treatment depends on the procedure applied to you. Currently, the most acceptable technique for hair restoration is FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. However, another method, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is also used. An experienced doctor will know which procedure is safe and effective for you. He will assess your medical condition before going ahead with it.

On your part, you must have a consultation with him.

Surgical Procedure

4. Where is his hair transplant clinic?

Make sure to check where his clinic is; that place must be accessible to you.

Apart from the above, the other answers you must look out for are –

a. How long will you have to wait to access him?
b. Does he have an advanced infrastructural setup?
c. How qualified is his medical team?
d. How many conferences does he attend?
e. Will he be compassionate towards foreign patients from Australia?

Hair transplantation is a process undergoing which you will have long term results. So, getting it done by a skilled hair transplant surgeon will give you the desired results.

Where to find an efficient doctor for hair transplantation?

For my husband, I obviously searched for surgeons in and around Australia. They were all qualified, but the treatment packages offered by hair transplant clinic here were enough to burn pockets.

Hence, my suggestion for you would be to avail overseas treatment. Countries like India or Thailand have recently gained much popularity in the field of hair transplantation for providing quality treatment. Interestingly, the packages they offer are extremely low compared to those in Australia. So, you can save a huge amount.

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Get hold of a reliable medical tourism company in Australia and they will guide you to find the top-rated hospitals overseas. These companies are known for providing overall support to patients traveling abroad, starting from fixing appointments to arranging for accommodation and more.

So, you can much conveniently access a proficient hair transplant surgeon and avail treatment at surprisingly low cost overseas. It’s time to flaunt your locks again! Go, get them back!