10 facts you need to know about platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP)

10 facts you need to know about platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP)

So, have you finally sought to redress your hair loss problem with PRP therapy? Good. Do you know that PRP was actually used in 1987 during a heart surgery? They say new technique, huh! Are you wondering how such a method will effectively cure your hair loss?
Well, no worries there! PRP has reputedly been a major influence in cosmetic surgery and has promoted growth of a good thick bunch of hair loss treatment. However, if you are still keen to learn more about PRP for hair loss, then proceed to read 10 interesting facts about this hair restoration technique!

Platelet rich

10 facts for platelet rich plasma therapy

1. Did you know that PRP uses blood taken from the patient himself? Fascinating, isn’t it? Blood is drawn from your body and is then put in a centrifuge. It dissociates the platelets from RBCs (red blood cells) and other elements. Platelets have an ability to heal most wounds, and in PRP, the plasma contains five times more the amount of platelets found in blood.

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2. The platelet rich plasma therapy is minimally invasive. Local anaesthesia is provided in order to ensure that you don’t feel any pain during the procedure.

3. The risk of rejecting the plasma during the procedure is nil as the blood is drawn from the patients’ body during PRP therapy.

4. PRP simply hastens the process of healing and shows effective results within the initial week post-procedure.

5. PRP therapy is mostly harmless. There’s only some swelling and a little discomfort that is experienced which again subsides within 24 hours of completion of the procedure.

6. PRP has been variedly used by many athletes like Tiger Woods to benefit from such a non-surgical procedure. However, it has been used to tend to other issues like arthritis, chronic pain, etc. and not just hair loss.

7. Effective results with PRP for hair loss can be observed after undergoing several sessions and after 3-5 applications.

8. PRP therapy is suitable for the new busy lifestyle of people as it requires only an hour for the procedure to be done. Depending upon the condition of hair loss, this method can be repeated once or twice a month.

9. Platelet rich plasma therapy does not fall under the general guidelines of the FDA like other procedures. It falls under the protection of FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

10. PRP has a number of growth factors as it is rich in platelets.  For example, it contains insulin like growth factors, epidermal growth factors, connective tissue growth factors and so on.

How does PRP work against hair loss?

Despite the various facts presented, the one thing running through your mind must be ‘How on earth will it cure my baldness?’ Well, the scalp is first injected with a PRP concentration which increases the size of hair follicle. Shrinking follicular size is what causes baldness among other factors such as genetic disorders or alopecia. The presence of growth factors increases the speed of hair growth during platelet rich plasma therapy and voila! You get a head full of thick hair.

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Go overseas for PRP for hair loss

Going abroad is one of the preferred choices of people nowadays when opting for PRP therapy. In Australia, opting for such a treatment can burn a hole through your pockets. PRP for hair loss there will cost around $1000 per treatment to $2500 per package.
However, if you opt to be treated in a country like India, the cost effectively reduces to $99 – $297, excluding the traveling costs, per session. Even if you include the traveling charge, still, the price remains significantly less.
This is why majority of people are opting for reliable medical tourism facilities and undergoing procedures abroad to avail the best quality services at a low cost.